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Alphabetical INDEX to Link Topics in the WISDOM CLASSICS


These texts are included in the WISDOM BIBLE, the greatest collection of wisdom ever published.
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Introduction to Socrates and Plato


1. Socrates Approaches Alcibiades
2. Ambition of Alcibiades
3. Socrates Questions Alcibiades
4. The Learning of Alcibiades
5. Advice on War and Peace
6. Art of Music
7. War and Justice
8. How Did Alcibiades Learn Justice?
9. Learning of the Many
10. Many Do Not Agree on Justice
11. Alcibiades has been Answering
12. Socrates Asks to be Persuaded
13. The Just Is Advantageous
14. Why Alcibiades Is Confused
15. Pericles Made No One Wise

16. Against Whom Will Alcibiades Compete?
17. Noble Upbringing of Persian Kings
18. Lacedaimonians and Persians
19. Taking Care to Be Best
20. Ruling Over People
21. Friendship and Oneness
22. Taking Care of Ourselves
23. To Know Oneself
24. The Soul Uses the Body
25. The Soul Is the Person
26. Socrates Loves Alcibiades
27. For the Soul to Know Herself
28. The Ignorant Do Badly
29. The Need for Knowledge and Goodness
30. The Condition of Alcibiades


1. Manner of Speaking
2. The Earlier Accusers
3. Prejudices
4. Not a Professional Teacher
5. Origin of the Slanders
6. Testing the Oracle
7. Questioning Politicians and Poets
8. Questioning Artisans
9. Showing Others Not Wise
10. Resentment Against Socrates
11. Charges of Meletus
12. Examining Meletus
13. Harm Not Intentional
14. Atheism Charged
15. Atheism Charge Refuted
16. Death Better Than Disgrace
17. Socrates Must Serve God

18. Socrates a Gadfly
19. Not in Politics
20. Just Actions of Socrates
21. Socrates Conversed Freely and Openly
22. Witnesses
23. Socrates Not Asking for Pity
24. Judge According to God
25. Majority Voted Guilty
26. Alternative to Death Penalty
27. Imprisonment or Exile?
28. Socrates Proposes a Small Fine
29. Socrates Sentenced to Death
30. Prophecy to Condemners
31. Death Not Evil
32. Death Is Sleep or a Journey
33. Final Admonitions

CRITO by Plato

1. Crito Visits Socrates in Prison
2. Dream of Socrates
3. Crito Fears Public Opinion
4. Crito Has Money for Escape
5. Crito Urges Socrates to Escape
6. Socrates Suggests Reasoning
7. Only Knowledgeable Opinion Good
8. Living Justly Is Best
9. Is Escaping Right?
10. We Must Not Do Wrong
11. Should We Wrong the State?
12. The Laws Ask for Respect
13. Laws Say Obey or Persuade
14. The State's Arguments
15. What Escape Would Be Like
16. Escape Would Break Laws
17. They Agree with the Arguments

PHAEDO by Plato

1. Interval Between Trial and Execution
2. Witnesses of the Death of Socrates
3. Last Visit to Socrates
4. Socrates Composing Poems
5. Evenus to Follow Socrates
6. Suicide Not Divine Will
7. Why Flee Good Rulers on Earth?
8. Dying Go to Good Gods
9. Philosopher Seeks Release of Soul
10. Body a Hindrance to Wisdom
11. Problems of the Body
12. Philosophers Practice Dying
13. Philosophers Not Afraid of Death
14. Fears of Soul Vanishing
15. Generation of Opposites
16. Living Born from the Dead
17. Souls of Dead Come Back to Life
18. Learning Is Recalling
19. Equality Known Before Birth
20. Abstract Knowledge Recalled
21. Souls Know Before Birth
22. Thus Souls Exist Before Birth

23. Do Souls Exist After Death?
24. The Childlike Fear of Death
25. The Uncompounded Are Unchanging
26. Soul Like the Invisible
27. Soul Like the Unchanging
28. Soul Masters the Body
29. Soul Departs Body at Death
30. Impure Souls Wander the Earth
31. Reincarnate by Nature
32. Wise Care for Souls
33. Philosopher Avoids Pleasures
34. Philosopher Sees Truth
35. Socrates Not Worried by Doubts
36. Soul, Like Harmony, May Perish
37. Soul May Perish After Many Lives
38. Listeners Disheartened
39. Warning about Logic Hating
40. Truth in Argument
41. Harmony Comes After
42. Soul Has Harmony and Discord
43. Soul May Oppose Body
44. Argument of Cebes Reviewed

45. Socrates Studied Nature
46. Mind the Cause of Everything
47. Physical Things Not Cause
48. Decided to Use Reasoning
49. Ideas as Causes
50. Greatness and Smallness
51. Opposite Cannot Be Its Opposite
52. Things That Cannot Stand Their Opposite
53. Three Can Never Be Even
54. Soul Makes the Body Alive
55. The Soul Is Immortal
56. The Soul Is Indestructible
57. Souls at Death Follow Guides
58. Socrates Describes the Earth
59. The Other World
60. The Chasm of Tartarus
61. The Four Streams of Tartarus
62. The Dead Are Judged
63. Care for the Soul Important
64. Corpse of Socrates Not Him
65. Socrates Gets Ready for Execution
66. Socrates Drinks the Drug
67. The End of the Best

Ethical Writings of Epicurus

Epicurus' Letter to Menoeceus
Authoritative Doctrines of Epicurus
Pronouncements of Epicurus
Quotations of Epicurus


1. Love Justice
2. Incorrect Reasonings
3. The Just and the Unjust
4. One Pleasing to God
5. Straying from the Way
6. Admonitions to Rulers
7. Wisdom Taught Me
8. Loving Wisdom
9. Prayer for Wisdom
10. Wisdom Rescued the Just

11. Tests
12. The Judgment of God
13. The Maker and Images
14. Degenerate Idols
15. Making Idols
16. Punishment and Mercy
17. Fear in Darkness
18. The Experience of Death
19. Escape from the Red Sea


Harmony 1
Synthesis 1
Interpretation 1
Index to Gospel Passages


1. What is in Our Power
2. Desire and Aversion
3. Liking Qualities
4. Watch Preferences
5. Opinions Disturb
6. Use of Impressions
7. Pay Attention to the Captain
8. Wish for What Occurs
9. External Hindrances
10. Use Experiences
11. Giving Back
12. Not Being Disturbed
13. Care for Externals or Nature
14. Intentions
15. Banquet Behavior
16. Not Lamenting Inside
17. An Actor in a Play
18. Portents

19. Good is in Your Power
20. Irritation
21. Think of Death
22. Ridicule of Philosophy
23. Being a Philosopher
24. The Benefits in Your Power
25. Paying the Price
26. Nature Does Not Differ
27. The Universe Not Evil
28. Turning Over Your Mind
29. Athletics or Philosophy
30. See the Conditions
31. Piety
32. Divination
33. How to Behave
34. Pleasure
35. When Doing Something
36. Eating

37. A Role Beyond Your Power
38. Watch Your Leadership
39. Keep the Measure
40. Women
41. What Concerns the Body
42. The Insulting
43. Two Handles
44. Coherent Reasoning
45. Do Not Say It Is Bad
46. Follow Principles
47. Do It for Yourself
48. Signs of the Progressing
49. Expounding
50. Stay with What Is Proposed
51. Now Is the Contest
52. Three Topics in Philosophy
53. Handy Sayings


Book I Philosophy's Diagnosis

I. "Songs Which Once I Wrote"
1. A Woman Comes and Sends Away Muses
II. "Alas, How Immersed in the Deep"
2. She Attends to the Author
III. "Then with Night Dispelled"
3. Philosophy Accepts Challenges
IV. "Everyone Clear in an Orderly Age"
4. Political Intrigues
V. "O Builder of the Starry Orbit"
5. His Emotional Disturbance
VI. "When with Severe Rays of the Sun"
6. Philosophy Diagnoses Him
VII. "Stars Concealed"

Book II Fortune and Happiness

1. The Mutable Nature of Fortune
I. "As Her Arrogant Right Hand"
2. Fortune Pleads Her Case
II. "If the Roused Sea Turns Up"
3. His Good Fortunes
III. "When by the Pole the Sun"
4. Fortune and Happiness
IV. "Whoever Wishes to Build"
5. Material Goods
V. "Happy the Very Great Previous Age"
6. Positions and Power
VI. "We Know How Many Ruins It Yielded"
7. Glory and Fame
VII. "Whoever Alone by Headlong Mind Seeks"
8. Adversity Better than Fortune
VIII. "Because the Universe by Steady Faith"

Book III Philosophy and Happiness

1. Philosophy Promises Happiness
I. "Whoever Wants to Plant"
2. The Highest Good
II. "How Many Reins of Things"
3. Wealth and Need
III. "Although Rich"
4. Positions and Respect
IV. "However Much the Arrogant Nero"
5. Royalty and Power
V. "Whoever Wishes Oneself to be Powerful"
6. Glory and Nobility
VI. "The Birth of Every Person on Earth"
7. Pleasures and Family
VII. "Every Pleasure Has This"
8. False Motives to Happiness
VIII. "Alas, What Ignorance Leads Away"
9. The Unity of True Good
IX. "O You Who Rule the Universe"
10. God is the Good and Happiness
X. "Come Here Equally All the Caught"
11. Everything Seeks the Good
XI. "Whoever with a Deep Mind"
12. God Guides All by Goodness
XII. "Happy, the One Who Can See"

Book IV Good and Bad

1. Why Does Bad Prosper?
I. "In Fact Swift Wings are Mine"
2. Only the Good Have Power
II. "Those Eminent Kings You See"
3. Good Rewarded, Bad Punished
III. "The Sails of Ithaca's Leader"
4. Unpunished Bad are Wretched
IV. "Why is One Glad to Excite"
5. Rewards and Punishments Seem Accidental
V. "If Someone is Ignorant of Arcturus"
6. Providence and Fate
VI. "If You Wish to Discern the Laws"
7. All Fortune is Good
VII. "Wars for Twice Five Years Occupied"

Book V Freedom and Omniscience

1. Philosophy Discusses Chance
I. "In Persian Rock Cliffs"
2. Freedom of Will Varies
II. "It Oversees All"
3. What About Foreknowledge and Freedom?
III. "What Discordant Cause Released"
4. Divine Intelligence Reconciles Them
IV. "Formerly the Stoics Brought Forth"
5. The Highest Intelligence
V. "In How Many Varied Shapes"
6. The Eternal Knows All

Qur'an Selections

Introduction to Muhammad and the Qur'an
1. The Opening
93. Bright Morning
103. Passing Time
106. Quraysh
112. Sincerity
99. The Earthquake
90. The Land
68. The Pen
107. Charity
76. Man
75. The Resurrection
35. The Angels
67. Sovereignty
30. The Roman Empire
42. Counsel
29. The Spider
31. Luqman
17. The Night Journey
64. Loss and Gain
65. Divorce
61. The Ranks
66. Forbidding
57. Iron
110. Help


These texts are included in the WISDOM BIBLE, the greatest collection of wisdom ever published.
Click here to learn more about the WISDOM BIBLE and how you may purchase it.

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