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(1976 c 119')

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Written by Sylvester Stallone, a boxer who beats people up in his collection job and has lost many fights gets to know a shy woman and is given the chance to fight the heavy-weight champion in his home town of Philadelphia as a publicity stunt.
      Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) is in a boxing match before a few people in an athletic club. The other fighter butts him with his head, and the Rocky hits him several times and knocks him down, winning. Rocky holds a towel on his head as he walks back to his dressing-room. A man pays him his $40.55. He asks when he fights again, and the man tells him maybe in two weeks.
      Rocky walks home at night in a poor neighborhood. Some people are standing around a trash can with a fire in it and are singing. Rocky stops briefly and has a swig of wine. He goes into a rowhouse. He talks to his goldfish and feeds them. On the mirror he looks at a photo of himself when he was a kid. He gets some ice and holds it on his head as he sits on the bed.
      Rocky goes in a pet store and says he is aggravated. He asks Adrian Penning (Talia Shire) about turtle food and says his had more moths than flies in it. He says the moths get caught in the turtle’s throat, and he has to hit the shell, which he says gives them “shell shock.” Gloria says his bad jokes are starting early today. Rocky talks to the dog Butkus. Gloria sends Adrian downstairs. Gloria says he has to pay for the turtle food. He says crime doesn’t pay and goes out.
      Rocky walks to the harbor and grabs Bob off the machine he is driving and shakes him down for the $200 he owes. He takes his cash and counts $130. Bob says he is broke, and Rocky says he still needs $70 more. Bob tells him to take his coat, but Rocky declines and tells him he should have planned ahead. Bob says he will tape his hand to make it look like he has a broken thumb and says Gazzo will not be wise to it. Rocky walks away while bouncing a little ball.
      By a train track Rocky gets into the backseat of a car that stopped, and he gives Tony Gazzo (Joe Spinell) the money he collected. Tony gives him $20 for today and tells him to collect from Del Rio tomorrow because he is late by three weeks. Tony asks how he did last night, and Rocky says he did well. Buddy (Joe Sorbello) is the driver of the car asks if he got the license number of the car that ran him over. Rocky has a band-aid over his left eye. Tony tells the driver to stop so he can talk to Rocky, and they get out while Buddy stays in the car. They walk across the street, and Tony asks Rocky why he did not break that guy’s thumb this morning. He asks if he gave him a job or not. Tony says he makes him look bad. Rocky says that if he breaks his thumb, he will get laid off. Tony tells him to let him do the figuring. People think he is running a charity and that they can get off easily. Tony tells him to do what he tells him because it is bad for his reputation. Rocky says he got it. Tony goes back to the car while Rocky asks him how to spell Del Rio. Rocky say he won’t let it happen any more about the thumb. The driver rolls down his window and calls him “Meat-bag.” Rocky says he should have broken his thumbs. The car drives off, and Rocky walks.
      Rocky goes into a boxing gym and can’t get the combination lock to open on his locker. He picks up a fire extinguisher and breaks open the door. He asks the janitor Michael whose locker it is, and he tells him it is not his anymore. Rocky says he had that locker for six years and asks where  his gear is. Michael says it is in a bag hanging up. Rocky complains that he put his stuff on skid row. Michael says he has to do what Mickey tells him. Rocky asks where he is. Michael says he is working with Dipper, but he’s in a bad mood. Rocky says he is too as he goes out.
      Rocky finds Mickey Goldmill (Burgess Meredith) timing a fight. After he calls time, he asks Rocky what he wants. Rocky asks how he is and why he was put out of his locker. Mickey says that Dipper needs it because he is a contender. Mickey says Rocky is a tomato, and he runs a business, not a soup kitchen. He asks Rocky if he won last night, and he says he did by KO in the second round. He fought Spider Rico, and Mickey calls him a bum. Rocky says he thinks everyone he fights is a bum. Mickey tells Rocky that he has heart, but he fights like an ape. His nose is not broken, and he should leave it that way and preserve what’s left of his mind. Rocky says he is going to take a steam, and Mickey tells him to think about retiring. Mickey calls time, and Dipper tells Rocky he digs his locker.
      At night Rocky walks on the street and goes into the pet store and tells Adrian it is cold. He asks if she needs help with a cage. He invites her to go to a basketball game. He says he had a tough day because he lost his locker. He talks to the parakeets and says they look like flying candy. He offers to walk her home and advises her to take a cab because it is so cold, and there are creeps out there. He says he is going home and will make up a joke for her. He says goodnight and goes out.
      Rocky picks up an unconscious man and brings him into a bar. He gets a bottle of beer and goes into the back room and talks to Paulie Pennino (Burt Young) about how he tells a joke every time he sees her. Paulie says he is in a bad mood. He says that Adrian is a loser because she is pushing thirty years old and may die alone. Rocky says he is thirty, and Paulie says he will die alone too. Paulie asks Rocky to talk to Gazzo about him, but Rocky says he does not think he is hiring now. They walk to the bar and sit down. Paulie invites Rocky to come over tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner and says he has to go. Rocky pays for his beer. Rocky watches the TV and sees the champion Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) talking about his upcoming fight. The bartender says he and other contenders are clowns. Apollo tells the kids to stay in school and be a doctor or a lawyer and forget about sports as a profession. Rocky says Apollo took his best shot and became a champion, and he asks the bartender what he did. The bartender says Rocky is not happy with his life, but he has a business going and does not have to take a shot. Rocky leaves him money to stick up his business and walks out. The bartender says he wants him to take a shot and pours himself one.
      Rocky talks to a group on the street and asks the girl Marie (Jodi Letizia) if her brother knows she is staying out late. He complains about her language, takes her arm, and leads her away. A boy says he is stinking up the neighborhood. He tells her not to smoke because it makes your teeth yellow and your breath smell like garbage. He tells her about a girl who talked dirty, and the guys laughed at her and never took her out. He says after a while you get a reputation and get no respect. He uses the bad word “whore.” She says she is only twelve. He says that does not matter because she does not have to be one; she only has to act like one. They walk through a gate and a parking lot, and he says they don’t remember her but only her reputation. He says she does not have a boyfriend because she hangs out with those coconuts at the corner drugstore. He says they are lemons. If she hangs out with nice people, she will get nice friends. If she hangs out with smart people, she gets smart friends; but with yoyo people she gets yoyo friends. She says if she acts like a whore, she will turn into one. She goes up to her door and says, “Screw you, creepo” with the corresponding gesture and then goes inside. Rocky asks himself who he is to give advice.
      In a nice office George Jergens (Thayer David) tells Apollo that Green is injured and wants to postpone the bout. Apollo asks the promoter to get him an opponent. Apollo’s manager says he has spent a million dollars on publicity and has contracts with twenty organizations; he is not going to be embarrassed. Jergens says one man is in Europe. Apollo asks about Shaw, and Jergens says he is in California and gained fifty pounds. Jergens says they all say that five weeks is not enough time to get in shape, but Apollo says they are afraid to fight him and make excuses. Jergens says he is a good promoter and worked hard on this one. He does not know what to do. Apollo suggests a novelty and says he will give an underdog the opportunity to fight him on January first. He says he is sentimental, and other people are too. They would like to see Apollo Creed take on a local boy from Philadelphia for the world championship. Jergens says he likes it and that it is very American. Apollo says it is very smart, and they laugh and shake hands.
      Rocky gets out of the car and asks Tony if he got the details right. Tony tells him to pick up two yards from Cappoli and a grand from Snyder. Rocky writes it down and says he got it. Tony asks who the girl is he is going out with tomorrow night. Rocky asks how he knew. Tony says he hears the canaries. Rocky says he is going out with Paulie’s sister; but Buddy says he heard she is retarded. Rocky says she is only shy. Buddy tells him to take her to the zoo because the retarded like that. Rocky gets angry, and Tony tells him that Buddy is in a bad mood. Rocky says he is always in a bad mood. They insult each other, and Tony tells both of them to relax. Tony tells Rocky that Buddy just doesn’t like him and says some people are like that. He gives Rocky $50 to take out his girl Adrian.
      In his office Apollo is looking in a book and asks about boxers. He finds one he likes and says it is Rocky Balboa the Italian Stallion. He says the media will eat up the name. His manager says he is a southpaw. Apollo likes the sound of it but says it sounds like a monster movie.
      Rocky is walking with Paulie on the street at night. Paulie says his hands are hurting from the freezing. He says he needs a different job and asks Rocky if he talked to Gazzo about him. Paulie says he would make a good collector because busting bones does not bother him. Rocky asks if he got a big turkey. Rocky says it is a bad job. He asks if his sister knows he is coming, and Paulie says she is very excited. Rocky tells him to forget about Gazzo, and Paulie says he doesn’t ask anyone twice.
      They go into Paulie’s house, and Adrian says he is late. She comes out of the kitchen, and Rocky asks how she is doing; but she goes back in. Paulie goes in there, and she asks him why he brought Rocky there because she is not ready for this. He tells her to come out of the kitchen right now and walks away. She comes out and goes quickly into her room and closes the door. He talks to her through the door telling her he wants her out there now. She says she can’t go, and he asks if she is tired of being a loser. She asks why he didn’t tell her that he was coming. She says she can’t go. Paulie opens the door, and she says she has a turkey in the oven for Thanksgiving. He goes into the kitchen and takes the turkey out of the oven and opens the door. He asks her if she wants the bird to go out and eat it, and he throws it in the alley. She says his name, cries, and goes back to her room. He has a wing in his hand and takes a bite and asks Rocky if he is hungry. Rocky says they had better forget about it. Paulie suggests he tell her a joke. Rocky says she is in a bad mood, and so is he. Paulie asks if he wants to go out with his sister. Rocky walks toward her door and asks what he should say. He knocks and says her name. He says he does not know what to say because he never talked through a door before; but he gives up. Paulie tells him to keep on doing what he is doing. Rocky asks her to go out to eat with him. She opens the door and is ready to go in warm clothes. He thanks Paulie for the bird. She looks in a mirror, and Rocky goes outside. Paulie urges her to go out, and she joins Rocky on the porch. He says he did not want turkey anyway. She says it is Thanksgiving, but he says to him it is Thursday. They walk together.
      Rocky takes her to an ice skating rink, and the man on the ice says they are closed. Rocky asks her to wait and asks the man for a favor to let her on the ice for a few minutes. He asks for ten bucks for ten minutes, and after haggling Rocky agrees. Adrian skates while Rocky runs and walks with her. He says he got into fighting to show that he was not a bum and that he could be a pro. She asks if he got a chance, and he says he does it as a hobby. He is a southpaw and explains that means he is left-handed. He says it throws the timing off for other fighters and makes them look awkward, and no one wants to look awkward. He says the term “southpaw” came from a left-handed fighter in Philadelphia whose hand was facing New Jersey. She says he can’t fight because he is left-handed. He helps her keep her balance and says he dislocated his finger. She is sorry; but he shows her how far he can bend it back since it happened. He says he carries pictures of all his fights and shows one to her. He admits he is not too graceful but says he can really hit; but nobody wants to fight a southpaw. He says he got started fighting because his father told him he was not too good with his brain, and he should use his body. So he became a fighter. She laughs, and he asks why. She says her mother told her the opposite, that because she did not have much of a body, she should develop her brain. The man calls time. She asks why he wants to fight, and he says because he can’t sing or dance. He keeps her from falling and asks if she likes how he skates.
      Rocky and Adrian walk on the street, and he says some people are shy by nature and says she is. He says being shy does not bother him, and she agrees it does not bother her either. He asks why he brought it up and says it was because he is dumb. He says they make a good couple of coconuts because he is dumb, and she is shy. She does not understand why anybody would want to be a fighter. He says you have to be a moron to be a fighter because you are almost guaranteed to end up a bum. He says he is only half a bum. He says the worst thing is the morning after the fight because he has pains all over. He says he has had 64 fights and tells her to look at his nose. He says his nose has never been broken. He says they hit it all the time but never broke it; he is proud of that. She asks why he does it if it hurts, and he asks her to tell him. He invites her to come into his place. She says she has to go; but he says he has to go the bathroom. He tells her to look at his face and asks if it is a face she can trust. He says they ought to put it on a stamp.
      Rocky tells her to come in and goes in. After a pause Adrian goes in, and he locks the door. He asks if she is hungry and offers her sodas and donuts. He takes off his heavy clothes down to his undershirt and puts on some romantic music. He shows her the turtles he bought from her and asks her to remember. He sits on the couch and asks her to sit down next to him. She looks at the photos by the mirror and asks if they are his parents. He asks her to be comfortable and relax. She asks if he has a phone, and he says he does not like the aggravation. He asks who she wants to call, and she says she would like to tell her brother where she is. He says he will call her brother for her. He opens the window and shouts to Paulie that his sister is with him. He wonders if she does not like the room, but she says it is fine. He says it is only temporary. He walks over to her and asks if the problem is that she does not like him. She says she does not belong there. He says it is okay because she is his guest. She says she does not know him well enough. She has never been in a man’s apartment alone. He says they are all the same. She says she is not comfortable there, and he admits he is not comfortable either. She says she should go and walks to the door. He tells her not to go and blocks her way with his arm. He asks her to do him the favor of taking off her glasses, and he removes them. He says she has nice eyes. He asks her to take off her hat, and he takes that off. He says he always knew that she was pretty. She tells him not to tease her, and he says he is not. He just wants to kiss her. She does not have to kiss him back, but he wants to kiss her. He kisses her gently twice, and on the third kiss she kisses him back for a long time. They slowly lower themselves to the floor during the kiss.
      Rocky goes to the boxing gym, and a guy outside tells him that Mick is looking for him. Rocky finds him inside, and Mickey says some guys are looking for sparring partners for Apollo Creed. Mickey complains that Rocky repeated what he said, and they quarrel. Rocky asks why he does not like him. Mickey tells him he could have been a good fighter, but instead he became a leg breaker for a cheap loan shark. Rocky says it is a living, but Mickey says it is a wasted life. Rocky leaves.
      Rocky comes into a secretary who tells him that Mr. Jergens is expecting him. She tells him to go in. In the office Jergens has him sit down and asks him if he is represented by a manager. Rocky says it is just him. Jergens says he has a proposition, and Rocky asks if he wants a sparring partner because he is available. He says he would do a good job and not take any cheap shots. Jergens says he has misunderstood. He asks Rocky if he would be interesting in fighting Apollo Creed for the world heavyweight championship, and he says no. Jergens says that Apollo has seen him fight and likes him; he wants to fight him. Rocky says he fights in clubs as a “ham-and-egger” and that it would not be a good fight; but he thanks him. Jergens asks if he believes that America is the land of opportunity, and he say yes. Jergens says that Apollo believes that too, and he is going to prove it by giving an unknown a shot at the title. He picked Rocky, and Jergens says it is the chance of a lifetime he can’t pass by.
      Rocky, Adrian, and Paulie are watching Apollo on TV saying why he is fighting a man who has no chance of winning. He talks about Valley Forge. They ask how he feels about his opponent, and Apollo has Rocky come forward and puts his arm around him. Rocky says that he is Italian, and Apollo says that means he can cook. Rocky is asked how he will fight Apollo Creed. Rocky says Creed is the best, and he will do the best he can. He explains he invented the name “Italian Stallion” about eight years ago. They tell him his payday will be $150,000. Rocky says he wants to say hello to his girlfriend Adrian. Rocky and Adrian hear that and are delighted. They push Rocky away from the camera. Paulie says they are giving him cheap shots, and Rocky says it does not bother him. Paulie asks if he is looking for people to help him live a clean life, and Rocky says he is doing okay. Paulie says he could use someone handing a towel and running errands. Rocky says he is just going to train himself. Paulie says without people helping he does not have as good a chance. Adrian says that Einstein flunked out of school twice. She says Beethoven was deaf and that Helen Keller was blind. She thinks Rocky has a good chance and puts her arm around him. Paulie crushes a beer can and gets up. She offers to get him a beer, and he tells her to stay out of his life. She asks Rocky if she did something wrong, and he says she did nothing. Paulie shouts at her that she said nothing at all, and he goes into the kitchen. Rocky gets up and puts on his coat and goes outside with Adrian. He asks how she liked hearing her name on TV. She says she was shocked. She asks what time she should expect him, and he says about seven. She turns to go inside, and he calls her back for a kiss. Then she goes and stands at the door. He says the stuff on TV did bother him.
      Tony and Rocky are standing outside, and Tony says he thought he might need some money for his training and gives him a check for $500. Tony says he never had any luck, but he thinks this time lady luck may be in his corner. Rocky says maybe and thanks him. Tony takes the cigarette out of Rocky’s mouth and says he is training. Rocky asks if he is going to show up for the fight.
      Mickey walks up stairs and knocks on a door. Rocky lets him in at night. Mickey says he got freak luck. He sits down and says he came to warn him that he has to be very careful because he will not get a second chance. Mickey says he needs a manager, and he has done it all. He recalls a fight in 1923. He shows Rocky a scar on his face and says he had his nose busted seventeen times. Mickey shows him clippings from a fight. He sees a poster of Rocky Marciano and says that Rocky reminds him of him. Rocky says he has heart but no locker. He drinks from a wine bottle, and Mickey advises him not to drink that before a fight because it is no good for him. Mickey says he never had a manager because boxers were treated like pugs then. He shows Rocky a photo of him when he was in his prime. Mickey says he has knowledge in his head, and he wants to give it to Rocky and take care of him. He wants to make sure that what happened to him does not happen to Rocky; he wants to be his manager. Rocky says the fight is set, and he does not need a manager. Mickey says he can’t buy what he can give him. Rocky says he needed his help ten years ago, and he did not help. He goes in the bathroom and closes the door. Mickey says he should have asked him. Rocky says he asked. Mickey says he is 76 years old. Rocky comes out and sees he is still there and goes back in the bathroom. Mickey leaves, and Rocky comes out and shouts to him that he does not like his house. Rocky asks if he wants a ringside seat and to help him out. Rocky says he will fight him. He asks if he wants to move in there.
      Outside Mickey is walking away and can hear Rocky yelling at him. He walks down the street. Rocky comes out and goes over to Mickey and talks with him briefly before going back.
      Rocky turns off his alarm clock at four and turns on the radio. He breaks five eggs into a glass and drinks them. In a sweat suit he goes outside and does stretching and jogs down the street. He runs downtown in the middle of an empty street. He runs up the stairs to a public building with classical architecture. He breathes heavily as he walks down the steps.
      Rocky goes into the meat freezer where Pauli is working, and they agree it is cold in there. Rocky asks who killed all these animals. Pauli asks him to help him get his collecting job. Pauli asks how he is getting along with his sister. Rocky admits he likes her. Pauli asks what the attraction is. Rocky says they fill each other’s gaps. Pauli asks if he is balling his sister, and Rocky tells him not to talk like that. Rocky says it is cold in there, and he is going home. Pauli punches the meat. Rocky pushes him aside and punches the meat many times. Pauli says he is breaking the ribs. Rocky starts to leave, and Pauli says if he does that to Apollo Creed, they will be arrested for murder.
      Rocky is sitting in a chair. Adrian offers to rub him down, but he says he is just sore. She kisses him, and he tells her no fooling around during training. She asks if he is sure and then says okay. She gets up to make the meat. He goes to her and says he is sorry. They embrace.
      Rocky is hitting a punching bag. Mickey tells him to hold it because he is unbalanced. He tells him how to place his feet. He needs to keep his balance while he is hitting. Two girls try to talk to Rocky, but Mickey makes them leave. He tells Rocky that women weaken his legs, and he warns him about the pet-shop dame. Rocky says he likes her, and Mickey says then have her train him. Rocky agrees he will not fool around during training.
      Rocky is running on the street and tells Adrian she looks great in her new coat and hat. She gives him a surprise, and he is happy to see the dog Butkus. She says he is to keep him company when he runs. They go inside.
      Rocky is running with his dog on a leash. Pauli comes outside and tells Rocky he did him a favor by getting him publicity. They go in the meat freezer, and a black woman says she wants to ask him some questions. The cameraman is ready, and she speaks to the viewing audience and asks how he came to train in an icebox. Rocky says his friend works there, and he says he invented training there.
      In his office Apollo is meeting with his manager and advisors, and one tells him to watch Rocky on TV hitting the meat.
      Pauli comes home drunk and brings in the trash can.
      Rocky and Adrian are watching an old movie on TV. Rocky says Pauli does not know anything about fighting, and he does not know what he wants from him. Pauli has come in and says he does not want anything from him and to get out of his house. She tells him not to talk to him that way, and Pauli tells both of them to get out. Rocky says it is cold outside. Pauli picks up a baseball bat and tells Rocky he does not want him messing with his sister, and he did not raise her to go with this bum. He asks if he wants to hit on him. He says he will break both his arms. He swings the bat and knocks a lamp on the floor. He smashes a vase and shouts at them, complaining that he is not good enough to meet Gazzo. Now that he is a big-shot fighter he does not even help his friend Pauli. He gets his meat every morning and gave him his sister too. She says only a pig would say that. He is offended and uses the bat on a cabinet. He says she is a loser and that he can’t get married because of her. He put them together, and he says she owes him. She asks what she owes him, and he cries that she is supposed to be good to him. She says she treats him well by cooking for him, cleaning, and picking up his dirty clothes. She says she takes care of him and does not owe him anything, and he made her feel like a loser. She says she is not a loser, and he says she is busted; she is not a virgin. He says she let him get in her pants. She runs to her room, and Rocky grabs Pauli’s shirt. Pauli says he can’t haul meat anymore. Rocky walks to her room, and she asks if he wants a roommate. He says absolutely.
      Mickey is giving Rocky a pep talk while he spars in the ring. Mickey introduces Rocky to their cut man Silvani who looks at Rocky’s face. He says he has seen worse. Mickey says they have a winner there. Pauli asks Rocky if he can talk to him. He wants to make money on his name through advertising. He says he knows it, and Rocky says he can do it.
      Rocky is running on a railroad track. He punches a bag and does one-handed push-ups. He takes punches to the stomach and does sit-ups. Rocky runs fast at the harbor. He runs up the steps and jogs with his arms up.
      Rocky is resting and looks at clippings on the wall. He sees Adrian sleeping in a bed and goes out.
      Rocky walks into the ring in the arena while no one else is there and walks around and looks at the poster of himself. Jergens asks what he is doing there, and Rocky tells him the poster has his trunks wrong. Jergens says it does not matter and says he will give them a great show. He suggests he get some rest for tonight. Rocky walks out of the arena.
      Rocky comes home and sits on the bed where Adrian is sleeping. She wakes up, and he says he can’t beat him. He says he has been walking, and he asks who he is kidding. She says she worked so hard. He says it does not matter if he loses because he is a nobody. All he wants is to go the distance. He says no one has gone the distance with Creed. He wants to hear the bell and still be standing.
      The arena is filling up with people.
      Apollo Creed and Rocky are being prepared for the fight. Mickey tells Rocky it is time, and Adrian says she will wait there. He says she can fight, and he will wait there. He says she looks great. He tells her to wish him luck because he will need it. She tells him good luck, and he tells her not to leave town.
      Mickey complains about the Shamrock Meats sign on Rocky’s robe. Rocky says Pauli gets $3,000, and he gets the robe. Mickey calls him shrewd.
      The announcers contrast the styles of the two boxers. They report that the challenger is entering the ring as a 50-1 underdog; but he has captured people’s imaginations. He has won 44 fights, but he has lost 20.
      Rocky gets into the ring. Apollo Creed arrives on a float and is dressed as George Washington. He throws off the whig and goes into the ring. Apollo appears as Uncle Sam in stars and stripes. He says he wants the stallion. He says he is going to do it in three.
      In the ring Jergens welcomes people to Philadelphia and introduces Joe Frazier who comes up and shakes hands with Rocky and Apollo. Rocky says they must be friends. Jergens introduces Rocky Balboa at 190 pounds and undefeated Apollo Creed at 210 pounds. The referee tells them to come out fighting, and they take off their robes.
      In the first round Apollo jabs as they dance around. Suddenly Rocky lands a left hook and knocks Apollo down. He gets up and fights Rocky into a corner. He knocks Rocky into the ropes, but Rocky comes back with several body blows. Apollo knocks him down with a right cross, and the round ends. Mickey advises Rocky to go for his ribs.
      In the second round Rocky is backed into a corner. Rocky gets his arms around him and tells him to stop clowning around. Rocky gets angry and lands several blows on Apollo. At the end of the round the referee has to separate the angry fighters.
      The fight goes on round after round, and both men get their faces beat up. Apollo knocks Rocky down, and Mickey tells him to stay down; but Rocky manages to pull himself up by the ropes. He waits in the corner and motions Apollo to come to him. Apollo does so, but Rocky hits Apollo in the ribs at the end of the round. Rocky says he can’t see out of his right eye and tells Sylvani to cut him. He does so with a razor blade. They are not dancing now but move slowly except when they punch. Rocky punishes Apollo’s body, and Apollo can hardly stand up at the end of the match. Apollo says there will be no rematch, and Rocky says he does not want one.
      Jergens announces that it is a split decision with Creed the winner. Rocky says he does not know if there will be a rematch. Adrian comes to Rocky and hugs him and says she loves him.
      This film reflects its own story by winning the Oscar for best picture. The American dream is that a poor person with little money and no status can somehow achieve spectacular success. This inspirational drama portrays a poor neighborhood in Philadelphia and a struggling boxer who has lowered himself to collecting loans by using physical force on those who are delinquent. Heart is the dominant theme as he manages to help a very shy woman come out of her shell and find a loving relationship. Yet another clear message is that boxing is a brutal sport that causes severe damage as even in a championship fight both men can get very beat up.

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