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Bell, Book and Candle

(1958 c 102')

En: 7 Ed: 6

Adapted from John Van Druten’s play, a publisher falls in love with a witch and learns about her skill and her friends.
      In a shop for primitive art Gillian Holroyd (Kim Novak) complains to her Siamese cat that she is bored with the same old routine. For Christmas she would like to meet someone different. She sees through the front window Shepherd Henderson (James Stewart) who lives upstairs. She asks her cat Piwacket to give him to her for Christmas.
      Shepherd uses his key and goes into his apartment where he finds Queenie Holroyd (Elsa Lanchester). He asks who she is and what she is doing there. She says his door was open, and she saw his window with snow coming through. She thought he would want her to close it. He says he had to use his key to get in. He has heard her above his apartment and asks if she is studying dramatics. She says she will try to speak less loudly. He says he has to make personal phone calls and asks her to leave. She says a theosophist lived there before him, and he was very pleasant. He opens the door, and she goes out. He picks up his telephone and hears strange sounds.
      Gillian hears a knock and opens the door for Shepherd. They introduce themselves to each other, and she lets him in to use her phone in the back. He notices the book Magic in Mexico and asks if she is reading it. She asks if he is interested in that, and he says he is a publisher. He wishes he had published it because it sold like the Kinsey Report. She wonders why because it is phony. She spent a year in Mexico, and she thinks they must have fed him tourist stuff. Shepherd says the author Redlitch is thinking of changing publishers. She asks if he would like to meet him. He asks if she knows him, and she says she may know someone who does. He heard that he is a drunk and a nut. He says there is always a market for the supernatural, and he would like to meet him. He reports that his phone is out of order because no matter what he does he hears idiotic sounds. He wishes them a merry Christmas and hangs up. Gillian offers him a drink, but he says he is in a hurry and asks for a rain check. He asks about the art, and she says she majored in anthropology in college. Queenie comes in, and Gillian tells him that Queenie is her aunt. Queenie asks Shepherd to persuade Gillian to go to the Zodiac because it is fun. He urges her to go and then goes out. Queenie says she thinks Gillian likes him. Gillian asks if she broke into his apartment and says she “fixed” his phone. Queenie says she read some of his letters but did not take anything. Queenie says he is getting married. Gillian says that rules him out, but Queenie disagrees and says it would be good practice for her. Queenie says she looks at people and thinks of telling them that she is a witch. She giggles, and Gillian tells her to stop practicing in this apartment house. Queenie says she will move into a hotel. Gillian asks her to swear that she will never practice witchcraft again in this house. Queenie swears, and Gillian says it is for her own good. Gillian asks her to wait while she changes.
      In the Zodiac people are listening to jazz. Nicky Holroyd (Jack Lemmon) is playing the bongo drums. Bianca de Passe (Hermione Gingold) is talking with a young man who admires her. Queenie asks Gillian why she is depressed. Gillian says it is because of Christmas. She would like to be humdrum once in a while. Queenie asks if she would like to be with Shepherd.
      On the street during snow Shepherd and Merle Kittridge (Janice Rule) are looking for the Zodiac. He moves some snow and finds signs that lead him to it. When he knocks on the door, a man looking like an eastern potentate opens a window and asks when he was born. Shepherd gives his birthday as March 12. The man says that is the sign of the fish, and the time is favorable.
      Inside a man is singing in French on the stage as Shepherd and Merle come in. Bianca explains the meaning of the song and says he is from the Paris chapter. Shepherd tells Merle she won’t find him in El Morocco. People applaud, and Queenie waves to them. Gillian says she knows that girl. Shepherd asks if Queenie and Gillian mind, and they sit at their table. Gillian tells Merle that she  knew her in their college dormitory. Merle says Gillian went barefoot. Queenie points out Nicky to them and says he used to work in an herb shop. Merle says he must have eaten one herb too many, and that is why he acts so creepy. Gillian says he is her brother, and Merle says she is sorry. Shepherd orders drinks. Nicky has them cut the song, and they play another song. Gillian remembers the thunder storms during their last year at school that lasted for weeks. The musicians play right behind Merle, and Shepherd asks if she is all right. She is irritated by the horn music and the bongos. When she stands up, Nicky screams, causing her to sit down again. She says she has to get out of there and leaves.
      On the street Gillian tells Queenie that Merle used to write poison letters. Queenie asks what she did about it, and Gillian says that is why they had thunderstorms. Nicky causes a lamp to go dark, and Queenie laughs. Gillian asks him to grow up. Gillian says Merle was a beau-snatcher. Queenie suggests she could take Shepherd from her. Gillian says she does not want him that way. Queenie asks if she has fallen in love with him and lost her powers. Gillian says no and asks if she believes that old wives’ tale. Gillian says it is the other way around; they can’t fall in love. Gillian wonders if she could get him without tricks. She invites them in to have their presents. Nicky opens the door with magic, and they go in Gillian’s shop. Nicky gives her a present and receives one from her. Nicky says Gillian is afraid of hexing the stock market. He likes the records he got and says he no longer has a phonograph player; but Gillian says he will find one at home. Queenie thanks her for the black shawl. Gillian asks Nicky what the small vase is for. He explains it is used for summoning by using the liquid in it. Gillian decides to try it, and Nicky gets a bowl. Queenie gets the book, and Gillian says she is going to use it on Sidney Redlitch. She cuts out his photo from the book cover and paints over it. Then she lights it on fire with a match and puts it in the bowl to burn. They see a stream of green light going up. Shepherd looks in the window and comes in, asking about the fireworks. Nicky says it is a game, and Gillian says they are finished. Queenie says she is leaving with Nicky, and they go out to leave them alone. Shepherd says merry Christmas, and Gillian offers him that rain check. He asks for a brandy. She asks how he liked the Zodiac, and he says it seemed more like Halloween than Christmas. He asks if she knew Merle well in college. He says Nicky’s drums were too much for her. He comments on her cat. She says she likes having him over her in the building in case she needs a man. He says that he and Merle are going to get married in the morning. She calls her cat to her and holds her in front of her with the cat’s face and her face facing him as he talks. He says now he can’t wait to get married. He says it may be strange at first and starts clearing his throat. He thinks he is allergic to her cat. She says if it were not Merle, he would be scared stiff. He talks about Merle as Gillian hums and stares at him. The cat is purring loudly, and he says he has been rattling on. He looks at his watch and says it is getting late. He thanks her for the drink and gets his hat and coat. He says it is going to be an important day and asks what tune she is humming. She says she sings it to Piwacket now and then. He turns around and looks at her. She drops the cat which climbs up on a perch. Shepherd slowly walks toward her and kisses her as she puts her arms around him.
      On a tall building Shepherd asks Gillian what she is thinking. They both say they are thinking of nothing. He asks where they are, and she says they are on top of the Flat Iron building. He said he wanted to be on top of a tall building. He asks why they left her place, and she says he wanted to go dancing in the snow. He kisses her and throws his hat away, and it falls far to the street below. He says there is a timelessness, and he feels spellbound. She tells him to stay that way. He asks how it has affected her, and she says she is enchanted. He says he is supposed to be getting married. He only wants to see her and realizes he must be in love with her. He asks her, and she says she wants him as much as he wants her. He asks if the fire will burn out. She says it has hit her hard and kisses him.
      In her shop Gillian says good morning to her cat Piwacket which she feeds on the floor. She asks if they have done something dreadful.
      Shepherd stops outside the door and thinks what he will tell Merle about why they should not get married. He goes inside the building and thinks how he is an insomniac. Merle opens the door, and he says he also snores. She asks what is the matter with him. He says he does not know. She asks if he has a hangover. She says a minister is waiting for them, but he says it is no good. She asks if he is drunk. He says no, though he may be intoxicated. She says he is like another person. He says that is how he feels. He no longer wants to marry her. She asks if he is jilting her, and he says they are uncoupling. She says he sounds like a lunatic, and he agrees. He says he cannot explain this. She asks what she should do. He suggests she could go back to the guy she jilted or go on a world cruise or redecorate her apartment. She calls him vile, sleazy, and contemptible, and he admits he is a cad. She slaps him, and he says goodbye and leaves.
      Shepherd comes into his office and says good morning to his secretary Tina (Bek Nelson). She gives him his mail and his messages and says a man is waiting to see him. He tells her to have them send the negligée for Merle to her. He is not going to lunch nor dinner with Merle, and she realizes that he broke up with her. Sidney Redlitch (Ernie Kovacs) walks into his office and says he thinks he wants to see him even though he does not know him. Shepherd learns who he is and shakes his hand. He thought he was in Mexico. Sidney says he is working on a new book, and suddenly he got a strong urge to talk to him about it. He asks for a drink, and Shepherd has Tina get him one. Sidney asks him if he ever published anything on witchcraft. Shepherd says no. His partner Andy White (Howard McNear) comes in, and Shepherd introduces him to Redlitch. Shepherd asks what he is going to call his new book, and Sidney says, “Magic in Manhattan, or Witchcraft Around Us.” He says it is all around us. He says it is not confined to the tropics, and New York is full of them. Andy asks what, and he says witches. Shepherd asks how he knows that, and he asks Tina for another drink. She obliges. He says he met a couple through his book before he went to Mexico. He says they are all around us. Shepherd asks what they look like, and he says like anyone else, like Tina and Andy; but a man is called a warlock. Sidney says they can’t cry or blush. When thrown into water, they float. Shepherd asks if he can contact these people, and he says they have their hang-outs that are open to the public. Sidney mentions the Zodiac in the village and a place in Brooklyn. He asks Andy if he takes this seriously, and Andy says he does. He says he has work to do, and Shepherd is in charge of their “abracadabra department.” He and Tina leave the office, and Shepherd asks him about the Zodiac. Sidney says the headquarters is downstairs. Shepherd invites him to have a drink with a couple friends of his this evening, and Sidney says he would love to.
      In Gillian’s apartment Sidney is telling Shepherd, Gillian, Nicky, and Queenie about witches and the Zodiac, especially the proprietor. Gillian asks if he can recognize them, and Queenie asks how. Sidney says he can tell by a look or a feeling. He says if one came in here right now, he would know him in a minute. Nicky and Gillian wonder if they know any of them. Shepherd quips it is like the flu, and Sidney tells him not to make fun of this. Shepherd says that he will be glad to publish his book, and they shake hands. Sidney says he will never regret it, and he says it calls for a celebration and goes for another drink. Shepherd says this is a coincidence because the other day in this room Gillian was asking him if he would like to meet Redlitch. Sidney proposes a toast and says, “Ring the bell; close the book; quench the candle.” He says that is how they use to exorcise them in medieval times. Gillian asks him if it is safe to write about all of this and if he is afraid of reprisals. He says he is, but he hopes to get a woman who is high up in the movement on his side. He says he can’t tell them. Queenie asks if it is Mrs. De Passe, and he asks how she knew that. The cat climbs up on a perch. Queenie says she heard her name mentioned at the Zodiac. He says he is going to start looking for her tonight. The cat gets on Shepherd’s shoulder, and he asks if the cat has anything better to do. Gillian says she will put him out. Shepherd says there is something about that cat, and Sidney says witches use them as familiars to carry out their master’s bidding. Gillian asks Shepherd if they are going dancing, and he says yes. Queenie and Nicky say they have to go, and Gillian tells Sidney she is sorry they have to run. While Sidney is drinking in the other room, Gillian tells Nicky to put him off the track of Mrs. De Passe. Nicky goes and asks Sidney if he minds if he could walk along with him. He likes the idea and asks if they can stop and have a drink. Nicky recommends the Mumbo Jumbo. Shepherd tells Sidney to keep in touch with him, and he says he will touch him for an advance. They go out, leaving Shepherd and Gillian alone. He says he thought she would be interested in meeting him and helps her put on her shoes. He says he thinks he actually believes in witches, and she says it is okay as long as he does not think that she is one. He laughs and kisses her. He asks why they have to go dancing because he likes it there. She says he will be back.
      Walking on the snowy street at night Sidney tells Nicky the things he needs to get, and Nicky offers to loan him his typewriter. Nicky suggests that he might need a collaborator who could help him scout around who could let him in on some things. Sidney says he is as in as anyone but one of them could be. Nicky asks what if he could get him one of them to collaborate with, and Sidney says that would be different. Nicky asks if he would split 50-50, and Sidney says it would be worth it. He says Nicky is naïve because they are tight with their secrets. Sidney says he could never get near a deal like that, and Nicky says he is nearer than he thinks. Nicky points to a couple kissing in a car and tells him to watch. Then he snaps his fingers, and the car horn sounds until he motions for it to stop. Sidney realizes that Nicky is a warlock, and Nicky laughs.
      Shepherd and Gillian are dancing in a restaurant.
      Sidney is in an herb shop, and Nicky has the owner open a trap door in the floor.
      In his apartment Nicky is explaining things to Sidney who sits by a typewriter.
      Gillian and Shepherd are ice skating.
      Shepherd and Gillian are sitting on a couch next to each other and kiss. Both are barefoot. She gets up to answer the phone and asks Nicky what it is. She has him say it over, and she will correct it. She asks Shepherd to get the whistling tea kettle, and she tells Nicky she can’t talk to him now. Shepherd asks her where the tea is. She goes into the kitchen and prepares the tea. He asks when they are going to get married. She says she has not thought of it, but he says that is what the man usually says. He says he has it bad and has let everything slide. He says they can’t go on like that, and she says that is usually the woman’s remark. He asks why she is ducking this. She does not think she is cut out for marriage because of the way she has lived selfishly and restlessly. She does not mean affairs, and he says he does not understand. She says her life has been disreputable. She says she is cynical, jealous, and vindictive. She has not lived as an ordinary person and has never even thought of marriage. She would have to give up a whole way of thinking and behaving. She does not know if she could. She wishes she could, and she hands him the tea and goes to get his shoes. She goes into the other room and picks up his shoes from the radiator and wonders if she could. She looks at her cat and wonders what would happen if he found out afterward. She tells the cat she will if she wants to. She goes back to Shep and tells him that she will. He asks her to say it again. She says she wants to, and she will be different from now on. He says he does not want her to be different. She wants to be quite different, but he says he won’t stand for it. They hug each other, and he drops the tea cups.
      Gillian comes into the closed Zodiac while the singer is practicing with a piano player, and Sidney is working at a typewriter with a bottle. She finds Nicky typing in a basement office, and he calls her a stranger. He says he is making hay and says that Shep promised Sidney he would read the first half tonight. She asks him how he got mixed up in this. He says it was the night Redlitch and he left her shop. He says the stuff he was writing was all wrong; he is straightening him out. She asks what he means by that and asks if he has told him about himself. He says he told him nearly everything. She asks if he knows about her. He says no; he told him that he summoned him to New York. She does not want to take the credit, and she closes the door. She warns him it does not pay to tell outsiders. He says Shep has already given them a generous advance. She tells him he cannot publish this book. He asks what is the matter with her and asks why not. She says that she and Shep are getting married. He is quiet at first and then congratulates her and says it will be fun. She tells him no jokes, and he asks if this is on the level. She says it is. He says she has him and asks why she wants to marry him. She says she wants to live with him because she is happy with him. He asks if the next thing is that she is going to give it all up and renounce. She is reading his manuscript and says she has renounced. She says the writing is too close to home. He takes the manuscript and says it is very important to him; but she says it is even more important to her. She wants him to stop and rips the paper out of the typewriter. He says not a chance; he is not going to spend his life being a tom-tom player. She says she will have to do something about it. He asks if she will pull one on him and says he thought she was renouncing. She says she will make a farewell appearance for this. He tells her not to do that, and she goes out. He calls to her that her little romance is going to go on the rocks.
      In her apartment Gillian is humming and holding her cat on the floor by the fireplace.
      Gillian is sitting and reading the manuscript by his fireplace and does not like it.
      In his office Gillian is telling Sidney and Nicky that the manuscript is trash and idiotic. He should call it what every witch ought to know, a do-it-yourself kit. Sidney says he thought he liked the idea, but Shepherd says he changed his mind. Sidney asks why, and Shepherd says he could not go on with a spoof. Nicky is sitting on the side and says it is silly. Sidney says every word is gospel, but Nicky says Shepherd is not having it. Sidney says this is his hour of grief, and Shepherd says maybe they can find something to tide him over. Shepherd pours Sidney a large drink.
      Gillian comes in and asks Tina if Mr. Henderson is busy. She says a Mr. Holroyd is with him. Gillian goes into the office, and Nicky says, “Well, speak of the devil.” She apologizes to Shep and says she has to see him. He walks over to her and kisses her and shows her to a chair. Nicky tells Gill that Shep turned down the book. Nicky stands up and says he is going, and they will be hearing from him. Shep tells him to take his manuscript, but Nicky says to drop it in the waste basket. Shep says he could take it to another publisher, Nicky says that will not do any good and asks Gill about that. She doubts it too. Sidney asks if he would be interested in a sequel about the islands in the Caribbean, voodoo among the virgins. Shep grimaces, and Sidney realizes the answer is no. Sidney walks out with his drink, and Gill tells Nicky not to go to any trouble because she is going to tell Shep. Nicky says either way it is her funeral, and he walks out.
      Shep asks what that was about, and she says she decided this morning that she has to tell him something even if she thought he would never find out. He asks what. She closes the door and tells him that there are people who live by magic. She says he does not believe that, and he says he doesn’t. He takes ahold of her arms, and she says she is one and that Nicky is one too. He asks one what, and she says one of the people that the book is about. He laughs and embraces her. He says he persuaded her to come in on it, but he says it won’t work. He would be happy to publish the book for her, but it is terrible. She says he does not understand. She is trying to explain, and he assumes she is trying to say that Nicky is a witch. She says the word is warlock. She turns away, and he asks what is wrong and if Nicky has been threatening her. He says if it is about her, she can tell him herself. She says she is trying to do that. He asks if there is something in her past, if she has been involved in un-American activities. She says it is early American. They hear a buzzer. He picks up the phone and says he will have a look. He climbs a ladder to get a book while she says there are people who have powers others don’t, who can alter things and manipulate things for themselves. He says it is very interesting. She says she knows because she can do it. He is surprised and asks her to show him something. She says no because it is habit-forming. She gave into it last night. She is going to fight it and not let it destroy her. He asks what she did last night. She says she stopped that book from being published, and he says she did not because that was his problem. She says she stopped anyone from publishing it. He asks how she did that. She says she put on a spell by using Piwacket. He asks if she had the cat talk to the publishers. She says he does not have to believe it. She says she brought Redlitch to him, but Shep says that Nicky claimed he did that. She says he was lying because she did it. He guesses she did it with luminous paint, and she says yes. She asks who he thinks put his telephone out of order. He asks why anyone would want to do that. She says it was a prank or a trick. She says Nicky uses it to change signals on 57th street and for his love life. He says the latter could be useful, but the other things are coincidences. She says they look like coincidences, and there is always a rational explanation. He says he will take the rational explanation. She says he took a rational explanation of them, and he slips off the ladder. She admits that was magic and asks him if what happened early Christmas morning was rational. He asks why not. She asks what happened. He says he talked about Merle and thought he was allergic to her cat. She tells him to go on. He says after he picked up his hat and coat, he seemed to see her for the first time. She asks what she was doing, and he says she was humming to the cat. She asks why he kissed her. He says the same thing that makes him want to kiss her now, and he kisses her. He says he believes her that she cast a wonderful spell on him, and he is crazy about her. She says he does not believe her and that she tried her best. She turns and walks out.
      In a taxi Shepherd is reading a newspaper and wonders if he ever saw her blush. He says stop, but then tells the cab driver to keep going. He pays for the cab, and Queenie sees him and says she is thrilled about it all. She says Nicky told her everything. She says Gill is telling him all about herself which is a very dangerous thing to do, and it is lovely that he and Gill are getting married. She says this is unprecedented, and she is going to discuss it with Mrs. De Passe. She says she will know if it has ever happened to one of them. She asks if she can call him Shep. He asks her if she thinks she is one of them too. She says yes and asks how else she could have got into his apartment when the door was locked. He asks her to open a locked door; but she says she is forbidden because Gillian made her take the oath. He unlocks the door, and they go in the building. She says that Gillian and Nicky started when they were children. He asks if they went to baby witch parties. Queenie says they lived in Massachusetts. He asks her if she thinks that Gill has powers, and she knows she does because she has done wonderful things. He sees the cat on the stairs, and Queenie tells how Gill made Merle sick at college with those thunderstorms. She says she had to settle accounts with her just as she had to do about him. She says she must go, but he asks her what he did about him. She asks if she mentioned the spell. He says he got that. She says otherwise he would have married Merle. He asks if she went after him out of spite for Merle, but Queenie says she found him very attractive. She says she liked him, which is a lot because they don’t fall in love. She says hot blood is allowed, and he comes down and looks into the shop and sees Gill with a customer. He tells Queenie not to continue, and she says she was too bold and goes up the stairs.
      As the customer leaves, Shepherd goes in the shop. Gillian says Queenie has been talking to him. He admits she has. He says Gillian did not tell him how she went after him to spite Merle, but she disagrees with that. She says she wanted him. He asks if she was in love with him. She asks how could she be when she had just met him. He asks her if she is in love with him now, and she says she is more in love with him than she has ever been in love with anyone. He calls that an evasion, and she says she tried to tell him how it was with her. She tried to explain to him that getting things that way was no good and that it was he who resolved her to stop doing those things. She says he found it dreadfully funny, and she turns away. He asks if she is getting angry. She says she is not angry, but she is sorry. He asks how she thinks he feels when he has not really been there the whole time and that it was a merry adventure. He tells her not to pretend to cry because she can’t do that either. She asks if he believes it now. He says no, not at all. He says he is getting out of there and is never coming back. She says he will come back because he has to. He says she means the spell and scoffs and says they will see about the spell. He goes out and closes the door. He comes back in the shop calling for a taxi and realizes what he has done. He groans and walks out again.
      In his apartment Shepherd pours himself a drink and groans. He picks up the manuscript and puts it down before going out.
      Shepherd goes to the Zodiac and talks to Nicky who sits down with him at a table with Sidney. They get up and go to a phone booth. Nicky makes a call.
      At night the three are in the back of a cab, and Sidney says it is fascinating. They arrive at a large, old house and ring the doorbell. Bianca opens the door and says this is the one they phoned her about. She is honored to meet Redlitch, and Nicky introduces Shepherd. She says he explained his condition and that it is too bad. She invites Shepherd in but not the others. Nicky wishes him good luck, and she closes the door.
      Shepherd takes off his overcoat, and Bianca says Gillian is an amateur; but she can be very effective. She asks what Gillian used, and he says she used a cat. She puts a shawl on his shoulders and has him put a thimble on his finger. She asks for patience and stirs a pot. She adds ingredients as he sits and watches. She brings a bowl to him and pours some soup into it. She conjures him to remove all chains that bind him. She tells him to drink it quickly while it has strength. He reluctantly drinks, and she tells him to finish it. He drinks the rest. The parrot says he is a fool.
      Men are loading furniture into a van outside the shop.
      Inside Gillian tells Nicky it cheapened Shepherd to take him to see her. Nicky says she and Bianca are rivals. Gillian denies that and says she is a third-rate, vulgar, self-advertising, mail-order sorceress. He says she never should have told him. She says what happens to people like them is that they forfeit everything and end up in a little world of separateness.
      Shepherd comes down the stairs with a box and goes into the shop. He asks a man in a mask if he can see Gillian. Nicky takes off the mask, and Shepherd wants him to leave. Nicky asks how he is, looks at him, says he is fine, and walks out. Gillian tells Shep she heard about last night and asks him why he went there. He says it was for some of the hair from the dog that bit him. He says she told him that the treatment would not be complete until he confronted her. Gillian says it was nice of her to make that a condition. He tells her that she told him to tell her that she fixed it so that she can’t undo this one. Gillian asks how she did that. He says it was something she put in that mess she made him drink, and he remembers it with disgust. He says he was humiliated, and it cost him money. Gillian asks how much she charged, and he says $1,000. He says if they had gotten married, it would have cost much more to get divorced. She says that is a pretty comparison. He says he is going to be leaving because he is through with the bell, book, and candle set. She says it was not necessary for him to move, but he says it was, though he may have trouble subletting since he can hardly recommend this house. He says goodbye, and she asks if she will ever see him again. He does not know what for. She asks if he will go back to Merle, and he says he might if she will have him. He takes a broom out of the box and gives it to her. She gets angry and calls it a moronic joke. She throws away the broom, breaking something, and she tells him to go back to Merle; but he won’t if she has anything to say about it. She says he may be defrosted, but she has not begun to work on her. She asks what would be fancy enough and says she will transport her. She will make her travel more than Marco Polo, and he needn’t follow her because she will get her infatuated with the first stranger she sees. She calls her cat, and he gets worried. He goes out, and she looks for her cat in vain.
      Merle is painting a picture while Shepherd tells her he knows it is inconceivable. He says there are such things, and they are in New York. Merle asks if there are. He says Gillian is a witch, and she says he never learned to spell. He asks her about the thunderstorms in college. He asks if she has had an urge to go on a vacation, but she says only from him. He says something peculiar may happen to her. She asks if this is way of crawling back.
      Queenie finds the cat.
      The maid comes in and says the exterminator man is there, and Merle tells him to come in. Shepherd warns her not to let him in because he will seduce her. Merle says she is getting sick of this. She sends the man into the bedroom
      Queenie brings Piwacket back to Gillian, and she gets him down from his perch. Queenie says it is wonderful she is staging a comeback. The cat runs off, and Gillian chases him in the street. She loses sight of him and realizes a tear is on her cheek.
      Queenie touches the real tears as Gillian looks into a mirror. Queenie says she lost her powers, and Gillian says she has fallen in love. She did not know what it was. Queenie asks what it is like and if it is wonderful. Gillian says it is awful, and she does not want to be human.
      At the Zodiac Bianca is talking with Sidney. Nicky comes in and sits at a table with Queenie who says she can’t get Piwacket to go back to Gillian. She says maybe something could be done to get Gillian and Shep together. She is forbidden even to tell him about his predicament. She asks Nicky to do it, but he does not want to get involved with human beings. He leaves, and Queenie says she has to do something.
      In his office Shepherd is trying to work while Tina puts books away. He picks up papers blown by the wind. He answers the buzzer and asks how he is supposed to finish it when he is interrupted. He tells Tina to leave him alone, and she complains that he has been howling at her for weeks. She runs out of the office. Piwacket has come in the window and gets on his shoulder. He sneezes and puts the cat in the waste basket.
      The shop is now selling flowers, and Shepherd with the waste basket looks in the window. He comes in and sees Gillian in a white dress. She asks if she can help him, and he tells her to take her cat back. She asks how he got him and says he is no longer her cat. He asks what she means and asks why not. She says he broke too many shells. She says he is Queenie’s now. She lets the cat out the door, and she apologizes to him. He says he did not mean to get sore. He asks about the change in the shop. He says she seems changed too. He asks if she is doing well, and she says yes. She asks about Merle, and he says he has not seen her lately. He thanks her for not hexing her. He says it is nice they can discuss these things. She tells him not to stare at her, and he asks if she is blushing. She tries to give him flowers and says he gave her something wonderful. He made her unhappy. He notices that she is crying. He says it only happens one way, if you fall in love. He says it has been happening to him too ever since he walked in; but it is real this time. He kisses her, and they hug. He asks if it has been real all along and asks what magic is. He asks her to stop crying now, but she is not sure she can because she is only human. She hugs him.
      Outside Queenie and Nicky look at them and walk away as he turns out street lights.
      This romantic comedy portrays witches and a warlock who practice the selfish side of spiritual skills and therefore do not know real love. When the love of the publisher awakens Gillian’s love, she realizes that magic has kept from experiencing life in its spiritual fullness. The best-selling author is also satirized as an egotistical alcoholic.

Copyright © 2012 by Sanderson Beck

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