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We’re Not Married!

(1952 b 86')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Five couples discover that they were not legally married. Some are glad to be free of each other, and others have more complicated reactions and problems.

         Ramona Gladwyn (Ginger Rogers) and Steve Gladwyn (Fred Allen) ask Melvin Bush (Victor Moore) to marry them. He is a new judge and does not know what to do, but Ramona advises him how to proceed.

         Thirty months later Melvin tells the Governor’s office that he married six couples before his appointment began. The bureaucrats decide to have the Governor send the couples letters.

         Ramona and Steve do not talk to each other at home, and at the radio station they quarrel. When they get the letter, they both laugh and are happy. However, the radio producer insists that they get married to fulfill their contract and to save the show. Ramona and Fred perform a string of commercial skits on the radio. Mrs. Bush (Jane Darwell) listens and tells Melvin to send the money back to the couples.

         Annabel Norris (Marilyn Monroe) wins the Mrs. Mississippi beauty contest while Jeff Norris (David Wayne) takes care of the baby. Duffy (James Gleason) wants to get Annabel a sponsor so she can go to Atlantic City. Jeff gets the letter and tells his wife that she is not eligible. However, Annabel wins the Miss Mississippi beauty contest too.

         Katie Woodruff (Eve Arden) picks up Hector Woodruff (Paul Douglas) at work. They eat dinner at home and hardly talk. She asks him about other women he knew. Hector reads the letter and fantasizes calling women before seeing a bill. Then he burns the letter.

         Wealthy Freddie Melrose (Louis Calhern) tells Eve Melrose (Zsa Zsa Gabor) what he does on his trips after dinner, and she plans to come see him on one. In a hotel Freddie is framed by a woman who walks into his room before witnesses arrive. Eve and her attorney Stone (Paul Stewart) tell Freddie that she wants a divorce with at least half his estate. Freddie asks his secretary to call his lawyer, and he reads the letter. He calmly tells them his rich assets, and Eve is delighted. Then he shows Eve the letter, and she faints.

         Soldier Wilson Fisher (Eddie Bracken) boards a train and waves goodbye to Patricia Fisher (Mitzi Gaynor), who indicates she is pregnant. Wilson shows the letter to his officer. Wilson gets off the train and wires Patricia to meet him. Wilson and Patricia ask to be married. He has her swing her hips so that he can avoid the MPs. The judge says they must have a physical test, and she refuses. They go to get a blood test, but in the waiting room the MPs see Wilson. He is put in the brig on the troop ship. An army chaplain offers to help Patricia, and he marries them by radio.

         In the final scene Steve and Ramona see a couple that was just wed, and he asks them for rice.

         This comedy uses a legal technicality as a device to test various marriages although wedding ceremonies performed in good faith are legal.

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