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I Want You

(1951 b 102')

En: 6 Ed: 7

Irwin Shaw wrote the screenplay for this story about two American families affected by World War II and the Korean War.

         In June 1950 at dinner Thomas Greer (Robert Keith) thanks his son Martin Greer (Dana Andrews) for making their contracting business prosper, but he criticizes his son Jack Greer (Farley Granger). Martin’s wife Nancy (Dorothy McGuire) loans Jack $15. Judge Turner (Ray Collins) and his wife meet Carrie Turner (Peggy Dow) at the train, and Jack kisses her. George Kress Sr. (Walter Baldwin) asks Martin to write the draft board a letter that George Kress Jr. (Martin Milner) is indispensable. George Jr. does not want it, and Martin says no.

         Veteran Martin offers his former commanding officer Harvey Landrum (Jim Backus) a job as an engineer. Martin takes George Jr. for a beer and finds Thomas drinking, but Jr. is too young. They hear news that the US is sending forces to defend South Korea.

         Sarah Greer (Mildred Dunnock) tells Martin that Jack got his draft notice and asks him to write a letter. Jack takes Carrie in his jalopy to a dance. They are in love, but she wants to wait. Carrie comes home, and the Judge says he does not like Jack. Martin is worried about the war and talks with Nancy.

         At work Jack tells Martin that Harvey has been called back to the Army. At the draft board the Judge questions Jack, who has a bad knee.

         At dinner Jack refuses to take a call from Carrie and complains that her father made him 1A. Jack suggests using the bomb, and Nancy tells him to get out. She and Martin disagree.

         Carrie asks Jack if she can drive him to the station. She says her father has painful shrapnel in his body. Jack apologizes and asks her to marry him; but they have only one day, and she walks away. At the train Jack says goodbye to his family. Sarah throws out Thomas’s war mementoes and knows he was not in combat.

         Jack trains for war. George Jr. finds Jack, and they go to town on leave. George wants to kiss a girl, and they pick up two; but he is too young to drink.

         Carrie talks with Nancy, who says that Jack is coming for ten days. The Judge advises Carrie. On a train Jack sees Harvey and says that George is missing in action. Jack is greeted by his family and is reconciled with Nancy. Carrie kisses Jack.

         George Sr. is drinking in the bar, and Martin meets Harvey for a beer. Harvey is going to build airstrips and says he requested Martin. Grieving George Sr. blames Martin for not writing the letter.

         Martin tells Nancy that the Army wants him. Jack tells Carrie that he loves her. Martin tells his little girl a bed-time story. Thomas confesses to Martin that he was a dog-robber for a general in Paris. Martin says goodbye, and Nancy says she won’t cry. In the final scene Jack and Carrie leave on their honeymoon, and Nancy goes into her house with her children.

         This domestic drama depicts how some American’s lives were impacted by the US involvement in the Korean War. Families are torn apart by a conflict on the other side of the world because they do not know the ways of peace.

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