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June Bride

(1948 b 96')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Based on Graeme Lorimer's play, a magazine writer goes to work for his old flame as they cover a wedding in a mixed-up family.

Carey Jackson (Robert Montgomery) learns that Carleton Towne (Jerome Cowan) has no assignment for him but to work for editor Linda Gilman (Bette Davis). She recalls that he stood her up three years ago and refuses to hire him. After dinner they go to her apartment and have a drink. Carey says he ran away from marriage. She says she was hurt but got over it. She fends off his advances but gives him the job.

Linda tells her secretary Paula (Fay Bainter) and her staff that they are going to cover a family wedding in Indiana. Linda and Carey go to the family, and she plans how to change the house. Carey likes pretty Jeanne Brinker (Barbara Bates), but her younger sister Boo Brinker (Betty Lynn) tells him that Jeanne was engaged to Jim Mitchell before, and Boo likes Jeanne's fiancé Bud Mitchell.

Whitman Brinker (Tom Tully) gives Carey liquor he hides because Mrs. Brinker (Marjorie Bennett) is temperance. Carey is tipsy and wakes up returning from the barn-dance with Linda, who says he won the hog-calling contest. She cuddles with Carey, and they kiss.

Carey works on his story, and Linda's staff arrives. Carey tries to keep Jim Mitchell (Ray Montgomery) out, but Linda lets him in. Jeanne is surprised to see Jim and likes his uniform. They quarrel about why he stayed in the army. He goes out, and she runs after him. Linda blames Carey and goes after them. Carey spanks Boo for calling Jim.

The house is being renovated. Whitman says that Jeanne and Jim have disappeared. Carey returns and says they eloped. Linda says they are leaving. Boo calls Bud. Carey tells Linda the story is not over; but she fires him, and they quarrel. Boo tells Carey that Bud is coming over. Boo cries, but Carey tells her they could make Bud jealous and has her put on a honeymoon dress. Carey asks Bud (Raymond Roe) whether Boo might marry him, saying she is attractive. Boo comes in, and Bud gets jealous of Carey, who walks out. Bud tells Boo that she is blossoming. He offers her the jalopy he was giving to Jeanne and asks her to marry him. Boo agrees, and they kiss. Linda sees them and learns they are getting married. Linda tells her staff the wedding is on. She "unfires" Carey, who has already written the story and leaves.

Boos tells Linda that Carey called her from New York. Linda is shown Carey's story about Boo. Paula sees Linda crying, and the wedding is photographed.

Paula tells Linda that Carey called about his check. Linda tells Carleton she is leaving in three months to find Carey. Then she sees that Carey is there. Carey says he is leaving. Linda carries his bags to convince him that he wears the pants.

This witty comedy explores the sexual tension that causes humorous conflicts as well as attraction while the magazine mentality tries to convert a McKinley-era house to a Truman one.

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