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Diamond Horseshoe

(1945 c 104')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Adapted from Kenyon Nicholson's play, the son of a show business success leaves medical school to be a singer and falls in love with another singer who has another motive.

Joe Davis (William Gaxton) performs with Claire (Beatrice Kay), Bonnie (Betty Grable), and beautiful chorus girls at the Diamond Horseshoe. Joe Davis Jr. (Dick Haymes) watches the show and tells his father he left school because he wants to go into show business. Joe Sr. avoids Claire to be with his son. Bonnie has a terrible stomach ache, and Joe Jr. treats her. Joe decides to accept a job his father offered him as assistant to stage manager Blinky (Phil Silvers) for $40 a week. Bonnie refuses to go out with Joe Jr. Claire wants to get back together with Joe Sr. and offers Bonnie her mink coat if she will lead Joe Jr. on and then brush him off so that he will leave. At a nightclub Joe Jr. sings "I Wish I Knew" to Bonnie, who responds and dances with him. More customers are crowded in, and Blinky gets thrown out. Bonnie dreams she is wearing a mink coat and meeting society people. Joe Jr. calls her early so they can go on a picnic. He uses psychiatry and explains that a woman wants a fur coat because she really wants a man. Joe Jr. sings "The More I See You."

Blinky tries to find out why the show must go on. Joe Sr. warns his son that Bonnie is no good. Bonnie admits to Joe Jr. that she has been leading him on to help Claire and get a mink coat. She says she is in love with him, and he says her previous motive does not matter. Joe Sr. and Claire sing and dance in the show. Bonnie tells Joe Sr. that she is in love with his son. Joe Sr. wants him to go back to studying medicine, but Bonnie says he hates that. A prop man falls unconscious, and Joe Jr. treats him for insulin shock. Claire and Bonnie sing with Joe Sr. about old and new music. A doctor arrives and says that Joe Jr. saved the man's life. Joe Jr. asks Bonnie to marry him. She says they would have to leave his father's show, and she does not want to travel. She wants to wait and not have to worry about money, and he says she wants security, not marriage. Blinky tells Joe Jr. to forget Bonnie. Joe Jr. sings "I Wish I Knew" again, but Bonnie walks out. Claire says Joe Jr. gave his notice, and she gives her mink coat to Bonnie, who throws it out the window.

Blinky gets a telegram that Joe Jr. and Bonnie are married. Joe Sr. gets Bonnie fired. Bonnie is reading a Manual of Psychiatry and urges Joe to study medicine and says he is rebelling against his father and his superego. Bonnie refuses to take a show business job with Joe Jr. Joe Sr. complains about Bonnie's replacement. Blinky takes Joe Sr. to a club where Bonnie is singing long hours so that her husband can go to medical school. Joe Sr. gives his notice so that Bonnie will take a job at the Diamond Horseshoe. For her opening Joe Sr. hides in the prop room. Blinky calls Joe Jr. and finds he is on ambulance duty. Blinky orders an ambulance and has the singer fake a collapse. Bonnie gets a telegram to thank Joe Sr., who goes on for the singer with Bonnie. Joe Jr. arrives and sings in the wings as Joe Sr. has Claire join him.

This romantic musical reflects in a humorous way some of the insights of psychoanalysis, which helps them to work out their conflicts so that love can triumph.

Copyright © 2005 by Sanderson Beck

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