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Moon Over Miami

(1941 c 91')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Based on a play by Stephen Powys, singing sisters seek rich husbands in an opulent Miami hotel where the party never stops.

In Texas sisters Kay Latimer (Betty Grable) and Barbara Latimer (Carole Landis) are singing waitresses and use a small inheritance to go to Miami to find rich husbands. Their aunt Susan (Charlotte Greenwood) serves as maid, and Barbara pretends to be Kay's secretary. In a hotel room they sing "Oh Me Oh Miami." Waiter Jack O'Hara (Jack Haley) says he can spot fortune hunters and will give them signals. Kay calls rich Jeff Bolton (Robert Cummings) and goes to his on-going party. Jeff sings "You Started Something" with Kay, and she meets sleepy Phil McNeil (Don Ameche), who dances with her. In a car Phil sings "I've Got You All to Myself" to Kay. Jeff and Phil compete to be with Kay.

After three weeks Barbara and Susan tell Kay they are out of money. Susan says she can get money from Jack. Barbara goes out with Kay, Jeff, and Phil. Jack kisses Susan, and they sing "Is That Good?" Barbara says that Jeff is sad and encourages him to work. In a boat Phil and Kay sing "Loveliness and Love." Phil tells Kay he lost his money, and she tells him the truth too. Kay tells Barbara and Susan about Phil. Jeff comes in and tells Kay that Phil told him she likes him better. So Kay agrees to marry Jeff.

In a nightclub Kay sings "Kindergarten Conga" and dances. Kay sees Phil dancing with an heiress. Phil says good-bye to departing Kay. Jack learns the three women are gold-diggers and says he will tell Jeff; but they lock him in the bathroom. Kay and Barbara meet Jeff's father. Jeff goes riding with Barbara. Phil arrives to be best man and says he got a job selling refrigerators in Brazil. Jack waits on them and wants to speak to Jeff; but Susan faints and tells him not to. Phil tells Kay that she is in love with him; but she goes off to pack. Jeff accepts a job in his father's company. Phil tells Kay he wants to go with her and carries her. Jeff says he wants to marry Barbara. Jack and Kay reveal that the Latimers are poor Texans. Phil is happy to get Kay, who agrees.

This romantic musical offers escape entertainment though the fantasy of marrying someone rich is tempered with a subtle theme that work is good for a man.

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