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Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

(1938 b 80')

En: 6 Ed: 6

Suggested by Kate Wiggin's novel, a little girl is discovered by her new neighbor and becomes a singing star on radio despite her aunt's objections.

Lola Lee (Phyllis Brooks) sings "Happy Ending." Cyrus Hartlett (Paul Harvey) complains that Tony Kent (Randolph Scott) hasn't found little miss America. Henry Kipper (William Demarest) brings his step-daughter Rebecca Winstead (Shirley Temple) to sing. Tony likes her; but Orville Smithers (Jack Haley) rejects her, and she leaves. Tony tells Orville to find her. Henry takes Rebecca to her Aunt Miranda Wilkins (Helen Westley) at Sunnybrook Farm. Miranda makes Henry promise not to come back. Rebecca trips over neighbor Tony, who meets Gwen Warren (Gloria Stuart). Miranda refuses to speak to her neighbor Homer Busby (Slim Summerville), who missed their wedding many years ago. Rebecca meets dancing Aloysius (Bill Robinson) and sings "An Old Straw Hat."

Rebecca calls on Tony, and Orville hears Rebecca singing. Tony has her sing on the phone to Hartlett. Tony takes his servant Homer to talk to Miranda, who makes Homer leave. Tony flatters Miranda and says he wants to put Rebecca on radio; but Miranda says no and forbids Rebecca and Gwen to see Tony. They plan a broadcast from his house, and Lola comes in. Tony and Lola quarrel. Orville tells Lola that he likes her, but she is crazy about Tony and sings "Alone with You" with Orville.

Rebecca goes to bed early, and Homer helps her climb down a ladder. For radio she sings "Come and Get Your Happiness." Miranda hears the radio, and Henry hears it too. Miranda finds Homer in Rebecca's room, and he is glad that she is talking to him. Rebecca sings "On the Good Ship Lollipop" and "Goodnight, My Friends." Henry tells his wife Melba (Ruth Gillette) that was Rebecca. Miranda asks Tony what Rebecca will be paid. Orville tells Gwen that Lola loves Tony, and Gwen becomes aloof from Tony. Henry arrives with Melba and a lawyer (Clarence Wilson) to get Rebecca back; but she wants to stay. The lawyer says that Henry has custody. Rebecca packs and says good-bye, saying she is self-reliant. Gwen tells Tony that Rebecca is gone. Henry signs a contract with Purvis (Alan Dinehart). Rebecca meets a stand-by musician (Franklin Pangborn). Tony tries to buy Rebecca's contract from Purvis. On radio Rebecca loses her voice, and a doctor says she needs a long rest. Tony offers Henry $5,000 to make Miranda her guardian. Rebecca reminds Tony and Gwen that she is self-reliant. In the final scene Rebecca sings "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers" and tap dances with Aloysius.

This Shirley Temple musical comedy shows a positive spirit overcoming old grudges and selfish greed, but it takes only a little from the famous children's story.

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