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Having Wonderful Time

(1938 b 70')

En: 5 Ed: 4

In this adaptation of Arthur Kober's play a typist from the Bronx goes to a camp and finds a poor lawyer working as a waiter, sparking sexual tension.

Typist Teddy Shaw (Ginger Rogers) goes on vacation. Her mom hopes she will meet a man; but Teddy says she wants to get away. Emil Beatty (Jack Carson) calls to wish her a wonderful time, but Teddy is no longer interested in him. Camp Kare-Free worker Chick Kirkland (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) gives Teddy a ride but spills her suitcase, and they argue. Fay (Peggy Conklin) welcomes Teddy to a cabin with Miriam (Lucille Ball) and Henrietta (Eve Arden).

In the dining hall social director Itchy (Red Skelton in his first movie) shows them how various people dunk donuts. Mac takes Fay out to Eagle Point. Mr. G (Clarence Wilson) tries to get Teddy interested in lawyer Chick but is frustrated by their animosity, and waiter Chick is fined for his attitude. Buzzy (Lee Bowman) dances with Miriam. Chick apologizes to Teddy and dances with her. Itchy says people come there for a change and a rest; the waiters get the change, and the camp gets the rest. He satirizes people walking up stairs. Teddy does activities with Chick over six days, and he says he feels goofy. Teddy says she is a bluff from the Bronx, and Chick kisses her.

On her last night Teddy implies she can wait until Chick finds a job. When he suggests not waiting, she walks off. Teddy dances with Buzzy. In the rain Teddy sees Chick with Miriam and goes into Buzzy's private cabin. Buzzy wants to get together, but Teddy says no and plays backgammon. Miriam tells Chick that Buzzy hypnotizes women. Chick bursts in on Buzzy and Teddy playing at a table and soon says good-night. Teddy enjoys the game, but Buzzy is bored. Chick sits alone. Buzzy goes to bed, but Teddy keeps playing.

In the morning Teddy wakes up on the board and sneaks out, but Miriam sees her and throws a rock in Buzzy's window. Teddy finds Emil there to driver her home. Seeing Chick, she gladly accepts. Teddy and Emil order breakfast from Chick, and Emil says they could get married. Miriam loudly says that Teddy stayed all night in Buzzy's cabin. Chick knocks down Buzzy and then hits Emil. Miriam hits Buzzy too. Chick changes his proposition to a proposal. Teddy says they would have to live in one room, and they kiss.

In this era the difference between a proposition and a proposal can make all the difference as sexual tension is restrained until marriage even though Chick believes they got to know each other in six days what would take six months in New York while working.

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