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Vogues of 1938

(1937 c 109')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A debutante refuses to marry for money and works as a model for a fashion designer whose marriage is falling apart.

In New York designer George Curson (Warner Baxter) prepares his collection while Wendy Van Klettering (Joan Bennett) gets ready for her wedding. Wendy tells Curson that she does not want to marry Henry Morgan and asks him not to deliver the dress. After canceling the wedding Wendy returns the dress to Curson. He suggests she work, and Wendy offers to be a model. Curson's wife Mary (Helen Vinson) tells him she is leaving because he won't back her show. Wendy refuses to leave and has dinner with Curson. Wendy goes with Curson to shows at the Cotton Club and El Morocco, but Curson recalls his wife. Wendy takes tipsy Curson to his building at dawn and applies for a job. Curson has Sophie Miller (Alma Kruger) train Wendy as a model and has Wendy tell Mary that he did not make a pass at her.

Betty tells Curson that she married Prince Muratov (Mischa Auer). Henry Morgan (Alan Mowbray) and his lawyer got an injunction and tell Curson that Wendy can't appear in a public display. In the fashion show Wendy attends as a spectator but displays three different outfits. Morgan tells Muratov he will back his fashion house, but Betty refuses to betray Curson. Mary asks Curson for one chance on the stage, and he calls Brockton (Jerome Cowan) to back the show. Muratov appoints Morgan a judge. Curson fixes Wendy's dress and kisses her. In the contest Muratov's dress falls apart, and Wendy wins.

Curson tells Wendy he is going to Mary's opening. Brockton shows Mary a roller-skating act and promises her a song. Curson comes in, and Brockton asks him for $10,000. Ill Sophie returns and is met by Wendy, who calls Curson. He tells Mary the show is a failure and that he is broke. Curson leaves and learns from Wendy that Sophie died. Morgan offers to buy Curson's building and says he has the mortgage. Wendy tells Morgan she will marry him if he will leave Curson alone; but Morgan blames Curson and refuses. Curson has Wendy wear Muratov's gowns in public. Curson uses scenery and costumes from the play. Muratov asks to be Curson's partner and is made a door-man. Morgan and his lawyer are trapped in the elevator by Muratov. Curson's show is presented with the song "Lovely One." Mary tells Curson that she got a divorce in Reno. Curson's show is a success, and Wendy says yes to marrying him.

This color film displays many current fashions with a mildly amusing story, singing, and dancing. The film appeals most to people interested in fashions.

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