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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

(1937 c 83')

En: 8 Ed: 8

Based on the Grimm fairy tale, in the first animated feature in color a jealous queen tries to kill her beautiful step-daughter, who flees to the forest home of seven dwarfs and finds her prince.

The Queen asks her magic mirror who is fairest and learns it is Snow White. In rags Snow White sings as she works and runs from a young man who sings "One Song." The Queen orders the Huntsman to take Snow White into the forest, kill her, and bring back her heart. The Huntsman tells Snow White that the Queen is jealous and warns her to run away. Snow White flees scary dangers and cries. Snow White sees birds and sings "With a Smile and a Song." Animals guide her to a house, and she goes in. Snow White and the animals clean the house as she sings "Whistle While You Work." Seven dwarfs work in a diamond mine and sing "Dig Dig Dig" and "Heigh Ho" as they walk home. Snow White goes up to the bedroom and falls asleep. The dwarfs sneak in and notice the changes. Grumpy complains when Sneezy sneezes. They find a monster on their bed and discover Snow White, who wakes up and identifies them. Snow White says that her step-mother will kill her if she leaves. Snow White offers to cook and tells them to wash before eating. They wash.

In the castle the Queen asks the mirror, who says that Snow White is still fairest. The Queen disguises herself as an old peddler with a magic potion. The Queen plans a sleeping death with a poison apple. The dwarfs sing their "Yodel Song" and dance with Snow White. She tells a story and sings "Someday My Prince Will Come." Doc says that Snow White will sleep in their bed, and the seven sleep downstairs. The Queen poisons the apple, and its victim can only be revived by "love's first kiss." Snow White kisses each dwarf as they warn her and leave for work. Snow White makes a pie and sees the old peddler, who offers her the apple. Animals arouse the dwarfs. The old peddler tells Snow White that the apple will make her wish come true. The dwarfs rush to Snow White, who wishes for her prince, takes a bite, and falls asleep. The dwarfs chase the old peddler, who falls off a cliff after trying to crush them. The seven dwarfs weep as Snow White sleeps in death. The Prince arrives singing "One Song" and kisses Snow White, who wakes. The Prince puts her on his horse and leads her into the sunset.

This classic film makes this folk tale a basic part of the culture. Snow White represents the perfect wife who cleans, cooks, and responds to a kiss; but the dark side is a wicked witch poisoned by jealousy. Aging does not have to be so bitter as indicated by the joyful life of the working dwarfs, who represent a variety of personalities; even Grumpy is susceptible to love. In this spiritual fantasy all the animals cooperate with the loving Snow White.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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