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Expensive Husbands

(1937 b 62')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A movie star marries an Austrian prince to help her career but gets angry when he keeps his distance or spends her money.

Actress Laurine Lynne (Beverly Roberts) watches polo with her agent Joe Craig (Allyn Joslyn) and presents the trophy to her friend Ricky Preston (Gordon Oliver). When Joe fails to get her a part, Lynne goes to Vienna. Hotel staff are instructed about a star's temperament, and Rupert (Patric Knowles) laughs. He is working as a waiter to earn money even though he is a prince. Rupert tells Lynne that she is beautiful; but he has seen all her movies and says that she has not felt great love. Rupert says that he needs 200 shillings and gets it as a tip. Joe tells Lynne he is fond of her. Rupert sprays champagne on Joe and is fired. An actress who married a count gets the part Lynne wanted, and so she runs an ad in order to marry a title. In jail Rupert reads it and calls Otto. Lynne finds that she is to marry Rupert, who asks about her ancestors. Lynne tells of her circus family.

On their honeymoon Rupert gives her a tour, and they stay in a castle as maids prepare the royal suite. On their wedding night Lynne waits in bed while Rupert is playing cards. Rupert writes her a letter and leaves. In the morning Lynne angrily breaks vases. Joe calls Lynne that he got her a part. Lynne goes back to Hollywood and is successful in her acting. Joe gets the press, and Lynne says that Rupert is in Europe; but he shows up. Lynne tells Rupert to leave; but he stays, runs up bills, and buys an expensive car. Rupert throws a $10,000 party. Ricky hopes that he has a chance with Lynne. Rupert tells Joe that he has his own inheritance now after working to make 1,000 shillings and is returning Lynne's money. Rupert asks Lynne to go to Vienna with him; but she plans to sign a five-year contract. Rupert says it is a pity and kisses her. Variety reports that Lynne quit, and Rupert finds her in his chateau.

This short comedy plays upon the fallen royalty of Europe after the war who were often desperate for money. This predicament is matched with a movie star who needs favorable publicity a title can give her. These odd circumstances are enlivened by the sexual tension based on their mutual attraction.

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