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Double Wedding

(1937 b 87')

En: 6 Ed: 6

Adapted from Ferenc Molnar's play, an artist is told to stay away from a dress designer's dependent sister but falls for the designer.

Margit Agnew (Myrna Loy) tells her sister Irene Agnew (Florence Rice) and Waldo Beaver (John Beal) to get married. Mrs. Kensington-Bly (Jessie Ralph) pays Margit a salary to design dresses that also supports Irene and Waldo. Keough (Sidney Toler) tells Margit that Irene and Waldo have been out all night again. At Spike's Place Charlie Lodge (William Powell) directs a rehearsal of Waldo and Irene and shows Waldo how to play the love scene, kissing Irene. Margit comes in and criticizes Charlie, who says he thinks for himself. Margit moves up the wedding; but Irene says that she loves Charlie. Waldo tells her he doesn't mind. Margit calls on Charlie at his trailer, telling him to stay away from Irene; but he throws her out. Margit asks ex-cop Keough to watch Charlie. Margit asks Charlie if he loves Irene and offers him money to leave her alone; he agrees if she will pose for three weeks.

Charlie and Margit picnic and nap under trees. Charlie is followed by Keough with a beard, which Charlie takes. Waiting for Margit, Charlie hears Flint suspect a scandal with Margit and Waldo, and Charlie socks Flint. Waldo gets Charlie out of jail so that he will see Irene. After seeing Irene come out of his trailer, Margit breaks the portrait over Charlie's head. Charlie shows Waldo how to assert himself and tells him to sock him in front of Irene; but Waldo is too polite. At Margit's dress-shop Charlie gets re-acquainted with Mrs. Bly. Margit accuses Charlie of making false promises to Irene but learns that Charlie defended her honor. Mrs. Bly tells Margit to marry Charlie. Keough tells Margit that he found Charlie's wife. Charlie says he is divorced and call his ex-wife to meet her for dinner. Margit tells Mrs. Bly how she enjoyed hating Charlie.

Charlie wakes up Mrs. Bly to invite her to his wedding to Margit. Charlie tells Waldo he is marrying Irene and asks him to be his best man at three. Waldo finds Irene, and she kisses him. Margit asks Claire Lodge (Katharine Alexander) about her divorce and learns that her wealth could not change Charlie. Margit learns of Charlie's wedding, goes to him, cries, and asks how he will live without money. Charlie says he pawns things and can sell paintings. Irene in white arrives, and Charlie asks Margit to live with them. Margit declines but withdraws her objections. Friends arrive, and Spike (Edgar Kennedy) kisses Margit, who says she is not the bride. Judge Williams (Donald Meek) asks where Waldo is. Margit tells Charlie to marry Irene and go to Hollywood. Charlie says he doesn't love Irene but Margit, who says she loves Charlie. Waldo arrives, knocks out Charlie, and carries off Irene. As everyone fights, Margit is knocked down next to Charlie.

This pre-marital farce shows the artist Charlie living happily like a Gypsy without money. Margit learns to stop controlling the life of her sister and Waldo, while the latter learns to assert himself to win Irene. Charlie describes love as an intense feeling of liking or disliking, noting the sexual tension between Margit and him that eventually brings them together.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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