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Dangerous Number

(1937 b 71')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A businessman stops her wedding and marries an actress but is uncomfortable with the loose morals of her theatrical ways.

Hank Medhill (Robert Young) gets off a boat and is greeted by his cousin William (Reginald Owen), who says his new silk dissolves in water. William tells Hank of Eleanor's wedding. Hank rushes in, stops the wedding, and asks Eleanor (Ann Sothern) to marry him. She runs off with him on a motorcycle. They find a judge and are wed. They get a bridal suite free using blackmail. William calls on Hank and meets her vivacious mother Gypsy (Cora Witherspoon). Hank is knocked down by the dog of Eleanor's friend Minehardi. Eleanor asks for $50 to help theater people. Hank and William flee to a bar. Hank finds Eleanor crying, and they quarrel but make up. Hank resents the familiarity of her casual friends and makes her leave a nightclub. Hank proposes they leave New York.

In the suburbs Hank and Eleanor argue often. Gypsy tells them she moved nearby. Gypsy tells Eleanor that her husband Van Dillman from California is in town. Hank locks Eleanor in, but she climbs down the fire escape. He calls a number randomly from the phone book of a hotel and goes to meet the woman. Police tapped the call and take him to Vera (Maria Shelton). Someone shoots at their car, and Vera shoots back. Vera takes Hank to a party and dances with him. Hank sees Eleanor and warns her about Vera as he leaves with Vera, who says her brother is a boxer hiding from a gangster. The cab driver knocks out Hank, who is arrested by police. Hank learns that the boxer has no sister. At home Hank finds on the floor a man, whom Eleanor says she hit. Hank fights the acrobatic Dillman (Dean Jagger) until two cops arrive to arrest Dillman. Eleanor tells Hank that she bribed the operator to give him Vera's number. Hank and Eleanor are put in jail also. William bails out Hank. Dillman says that Eleanor is his wife, but she says it wasn't legal. Dillman explains it was, and Hank says that means he is not married.

Hank leaves for New York. Crying Eleanor goes to Gypsy and then to find Hank. William shows her Hank's room. She puts on a dress made from the new silk. Hank comes in, and Eleanor says she loves him. Hank says he knows their marriage is legal. Upset Eleanor leaves, but Hank drivers her into a lake. Eleanor says that her dress disappeared, and Hank kisses her underwater.

This romantic comedy explores the culture clash between a conservative manufacturer and a free-spirited actress. Can two such different people learn to live together?

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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