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Vamonos con Pancho Villa

(Spanish 1936 b 89')

En: 6 Ed: 7

Third (after El Compadre Mendoza) in a trilogy by director Fernando de Fuentes, six men from San Pablo fight for the Mexican revolution.

In 1914 fourteen soldiers have been shot in the head, and an officer questions young Miguel Angel del Toro (Ramon Vallarino) where his gun is. Miguel says he sold it to Rodrigo Perea. Miguel is whipped and runs off. Tiburcio Maya (Antonio R. Frausto) teaches his son to shoot. Rodrigo Perea (Carlos Lopez) and Maximo Perea (Raul de Anda) tell Tiburcio about Miguel. When Miguel arrives, they decide to join Pancho Villa. From a train Pancho Villa (Domingo Soler) distributes grain and promises land. He welcomes the six lions from San Pablo. Peasants on horses attack soldiers. They offer Villa a captured gun, but he declines their loot.

After five months Tiburcio asks the others to promise to go on and take care of his children. They attack but retreat from a machine gun. General Villa asks the lions to take the machine gun. One of them on a horse ropes it and carries it off but falls dead. Many are dead, but at night they attack the fort. Martin Espinosa (Rafael F. Munoz) throws bombs but is shot and dies. Six messengers under a white flag tell a Huertista general (Paco Martinez) that Pancho Villa's men rest and eat while they fight and starve. The generals in Durango offer to join them if they are fed; but General Velasco detains three while three report back that they must surrender. The three in jail are to be hanged. Fatso calls the officer "señorita" and is hanged first; but the rope breaks, and they are rescued by their friends, though Rodrigo Perea is mortally wounded by the bomb that killed the troops. Men parade, and a general makes Tiburcio, Miguel, and Fatso majors.

Men sing "La Cucuracha" and drink. A man says because 13 are there, one must die. At midnight they gather in a circle and turn out the lights. Tiburcio tosses the gun, and Fatso is shot in the stomach. Fatso then shoots himself dead. Tiburcio wakes Miguel to go; but Miguel says it's enough. Tiburcio persuades him to go to Zacatecas to fight for Villa. They board the train covered with people. Tiburcio tells General Fierro (Alfonso Sanchez Tello) that Miguel has small-pox. The doctor warns of epidemic, and Fierro orders him and his things burned. Tiburcio shoots Miguel and burns his body with his things. General Fierro orders Tiburcio to stay behind, and he heads for home.

The chaotic violence and suffering of the Mexican revolution are captured in this film about campañeros fighting for their manhood while fearing cowardice more than anything.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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