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Sing Me a Love Song

(1936 b 75')

En: 5 Ed: 4

In this musical comedy a young singer inherits a department store and poses as a clerk to court a pretty clerk and learn the business.

Jerry Haines (James Melton) sings "The Least We Can Do for the Ladies" and is told to take charge of his late father's department store. In the store Siegfried Hammerschlag (Hugh Herbert) takes several items, and Sprague (Walter Catlett) helps him exchange the hat. Jerry shows Jean Martin (Patricia Ellis) how to sing the song and takes her up the elevator. Sprague arrests Jerry and takes him to the executives. Jerry tells them he is going incognito as a clerk. Jerry and Gwen Logan (Zasu Pitts) sing "The Roving Cowboy." Sprague is often docking Gwen for breaking merchandise. Hammerschlag returns in a disguise. Jean refuses to go out with Jerry, who sings "Your Wonderful Eyes" for a customer as women listen. At lunch elevator man Chris Cross (Allen Jenkins) says he knows Jerry Haines. Jean suggests sending a train to towns. An employee demands a better lunch room, and Chris is appointed to see Haines. Jerry shows Jean a honeymoon cottage and sings "The Little House that Love Built" with her; they kiss but are fired by Sprague.

Jean asks Chris to talk with Haines. She and Jerry get their jobs back, and she thanks Chris. Jerry gets the lunch room improved for $50,000. Jerry suggests that Jean marry Haines, and he sings "Summer Night." Gwen tells Chris to get a raise from Haines so they can marry and makes him go in his office, where he hears executives Malcolm and Goodrich saying they are bankrupting the store. Hammerschlag hides as a mannequin. Jerry and chauffeur Rocky (Nap Pendleton) steal a gown and jewelry; but Sprague sees them and calls the police. Hammerschlag tips police they are going to the Cascade Club, where Jerry orders expensive food. Sprague and police arrest Jerry and Jean. Rocky attacks police and is jailed too. Chris and Gwen visit Jerry in jail, and Chris says how Malcolm and Goodrich are trying to take over the store.

Jerry fires Malcolm and Goodrich, but he gives Sprague a raise and calls a meeting. When Jean learns that Jerry is Haines, she walks out. Jerry gives Chris a raise to find Jean. Sprague tells Jerry that Hammerschlag has stolen. Hammerschlag says to call his brother at United Railways. Hammerschlag's father says he will pay for the kleptomaniac; but Jerry asks to borrow a train. The Haines store sells by train. Jerry tells Chris to look for Jean, and Gwen gets Chris to propose. In the final scene Jerry finds Jean and sings to her.

The purity of romance is not spoiled by Jean knowing Jerry is rich; but the audience is allowed to fantasize she will get love and money. Shoplifting is satirized by the antics of Hammerschlag, and Chris gets away with his false bragging.

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