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Poor Little Rich Girl

(1936 b 79')

En: 5 Ed: 5

The daughter of a wealthy soap manufacturer wanders into a "vacation" with a Vaudeville couple and ends up on the radio for her father's competitor.

Barbara Barry (Shirley Temple) sneezes and is put to bed. Her father Richard Barry (Michael Whalen) supervises his soap girls and learns that a Peck woman doing ads hates him for getting ideas before her. Barbara sings to her dolls "Oh My Goodness." Barry comes home, and with his daughter they hear on the radio "Buy a Bar of Barry's" and "When I'm With You." Barbara also sings the latter and is tired of being alone. So she is sent away to school with her governess Collins (Sara Haden); but at the station Collins loses her purse and is hit by a car. Barbara says she is her favorite story-book character Betsy Ware and that she is on vacation from an orphanage that is mean. She is attracted to a monkey and Tony (Henry Armetta), who lets her stay with his family.

Vaudeville dancer Jimmy Dolan (Jack Haley) hears her tap dancing, and Barbara joins his act with his wife Jerry Dolan (Alice Faye). At an audition Barbara and Jerry sing "But Definitely." Simon Peck (Claude Gillingwater) resists the idea of a radio show and sees Barry, who offers to buy his company. Barry is turned down, but he makes a lunch date with Peck employee Margaret Allen (Gloria Stuart). Barbara walks into Peck's office; he tells her to get out, but she charms him and plays piggy-back with him. Peck hires the Dolans for a radio show. Margaret calls Barry to listen. Barbara sings "Wash Your Neck With a Cake of Peck's." Jerry sings "When I'm With You." Jimmy and Jerry sing "You've Gotta Eat Your Spinach," but Barbara sings a contrary opinion. Barry tells Margaret he missed the broadcast but plans to listen with her before they have dinner.

A man tries to take Barbara to the corner for candy, but Jimmy stops him. Barry calls on Margaret and hears Barbara singing on the radio. He calls the school and learns that she never got there. The Dolans learn that Barry is coming for his daughter and take her home, where they plan to leave her, calling Barry to tell him where she is. The Dolans decide to go back for Barbara, and Jimmy rescues her from the man by fighting him. Barry and the police arrive; but Barbara says that the Dolans saved her and are nice. Margaret suggests that Peck and Barry merge, and Barbara persuades Peck. In the final scene Jerry, Barbara, and Jimmy in uniforms sing "Military Man" and tap dance.

A rich girl finds more freedom with families that are not so overly concerned about her, and she has fun helping a couple get a good job entertaining.

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