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Our Relations

(1936 b 73')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Two sailors on leave trying to date two women are mistaken for their long lost twins, who are married.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy dine with their wives Daphne Hardy (Daphne Pollard) and Bubbles Laurel (Betty Healy). Oliver gets a letter from his mother saying that their twin brothers went to sea but were hanged.

Sailors Bert Hardy (Oliver Hardy) and Alf Laurel (Stan Laurel) give their pay to Finn (James Finlayson). The Captain (Sidney Toler) tells Alf and Bert to wait for his package and meet him. It is a pearl ring, and they share a beer on their dollar. They join Lily (Lona Andre) and Alice (Iris Adrian), and they order food. Bert goes into a phone boot with Alf and says he will get their money back. They get stuck and break the booth. The waiter Joe Grogan (Alan Hale) won't let them go until they let him hold the ring.

Finn refuses to give Bert and Alf their money back. So they take his clothes to a pawn shop and get $2. When they go back, Finn says their money is sewn in his coat. He takes their clothes to get his back.

Oliver and Stan meet their wives and go into the restaurant. Alice and Lily complain to Laurel and Hardy, who do not understand. Joe makes them pay the bill and gives them the ring. Finn comes in and talks with Laurel and Hardy. They put food on Finn. The Captain wants his ring, but Joe tells him that he threw the two out.

Alf and Bert dress in sheets and blankets. They ask Joe for the ring. They knock out Joe, and the bartender knocks them out.

Daphne and Betty get a call that their husbands are in jail. They go and ask the judge to release them. Bert and Alf go with them to a high-class place. They see Lily and Alice, but the wives get jealous. Stan and Oliver are also there, and the Captain asks them for his ring. They fight, and Oliver puts the ring in Alf's pocket. The waiters throw the Captain out. Oliver asks Stan for the ring, but he doesn't have it. They go for a ride with two gangsters. Finn comes in with two hoodlums and chases Alf and Bert.

At their hideout the gang asks Oliver and Stan for the ring. They put their feet in cement and threaten to push them off the dock, but they are pushed into the water. When Oliver and Stan fall in, the Captain rescues them. Alf arrives with Bert and gives the Captain his ring. Finally the twins meet.

This farce of mistaken identities involving two pairs of twins was used by Plautus and Shakespeare. Laurel and Hardy add slapstick and their usual humor of Hardy bossing timid Laurel.

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