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Old Hutch

(1936 b 80')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A poor man, who doesn't work, finds stolen money but can't spend it.

Hutch (Wallace Beery) complains he can't sleep with the kids shouting, and he tells his wife Sarah Hutchins (Elizabeth Patterson) he can't work because of his back. Hutch get 50 cents from his daughter Irene (Cecilia Parker), who is working at the drugstore. Hutch goes fishing and finds a box of money in a hole; he buries it. Hutch buys a hat for 50 cents and tells Sarah he took over the farm. Hutch plows and at dinner tells his family that potatoes brought $234. He asks the children what they would like if they had money. Hutch learns of construction where he buried the money, and he argues with two carpenters. At night he puts on a sheet to scare a Negro, who shoots at him.

Dave Jolly (Eric Linden) drives his father (Robert McWade) to see Hutch. Mr. Jolly offers to pay Hutch to use some of his land, and Hutch asks for $1,000. Sarah invites in Dave, who says that Irene is pretty. Dave and Irene go for a walk, and he invites her to his graduation party. Hutch gets a $1,000 bill from Mr. Jolly and tries to change it at a store. At the bank he learns that they are checking $1,000 bills because $100,000 was stolen recently. Hutch asks about going to Hawaii. Irene shows her mother the dress she bought, but she needs $20 from her father. Hutch comes home in new clothes and squeaky shoes. He sees Irene in her new dress and gives her $50. At the party Dave dances with Irene and enjoys her company. Hutch arrives to ask Jolly about the new shack, and Dave gives him three drinks. Hutch is mocked and leaves with Irene. Dave offers to drive her, and she cries. Hutch tells Sarah that he was insulted, but she blames him for going to the party and says he can leave and not come back. Hutch tells Irene that they would be better off without him. Hutch takes a pick and shovel but finds the box empty.

Irene tells Dave that Hutch was found at the shack. Dave kisses Irene. Sarah and Irene care for Hutch, who mumbles about the money. A man asks directions, and Hutch gets a ride. He picks up two men, and they want Hutch to change a $1,000 for them. At the drugstore Irene tells Dave to call the police. She asks Hutch what is going on, and the men make Hutch leave. The police chase the car, which cracks up when Hutch faints. Hutch testifies at their trial and is given the $5,000 reward. In the final scene he is back to doing nothing with his dog, but he is happy now.

This story portrays a poor and lazy character who complains and makes excuses. The money he finds sets up an irony when he is unable to spend it. Nonetheless the well-to-do Dave loves his pretty daughter.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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