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The Golden Arrow

(1936 b 68')

En: 5 Ed: 5

Adapted from Michael Arlen's play, a reporter agrees to marry an heiress in order to rid her of fortune hunters with unexpected results.

In Florida rich Hortense Burke-Meyers (Carol Hughes) gives a wild party. Daisy Appleby (Bette Davis) on her yacht won't talk to reporters. Johnny Jones (George Brent) is told to get an interview, and Miss Pommesby (Catherine Doucet) thinks he wants to buy a yacht. So Daisy invites him for a swim before learning he is a reporter and asking him to leave. Johnny tells Daisy he won't write about her. She gives him a drink and hears his story. At Hortense's dinner party her father Meyers (Eugene Pallette) seats suitors far away and sits next to her. Daisy leaves with Johnny, who borrows $10 to take her to a carnival, where she asks him to marry her for convenience so that fortune hunters won't pester her. She says he can write his book while she looks for a real husband. Daisy gets Meyers to be a witness, and she tells Pommesby she married Johnny.

Daisy goes to the Appleby board, which hired her to be an heiress for publicity. Appleby (Henry O'Neill) tells Johnny and Daisy that they should not live apart. Johnny asks for $30 a week for six months. Publicity man Jorgenson (Craig Reynolds) rents them a fancy suite, though Daisy calls him to complain. Johnny asks Daisy to fire his valet. He sees a news article that he is starting a patriotic militia, and she cries on his shoulder. Johnny finds he has a new car bought by Jorgenson, but he takes a taxi. Daisy warns Jorgenson that Johnny will leave her. Disgusted by photographers at a polo field, Johnny walks off. Hortense gets him arrested for speeding and put in her care for six months probation.

At a golf course Johnny meets Hortense. Daisy sees their photo in a magazine and summons Alfred Parker (Earle Foxe) to come with expenses paid. Daisy tells Johnny she wants to love somebody, and he feels like a heel. At the beach Hortense with Johnny sees Daisy with Parker. Daisy is hit by a tennis ball, and Johnny sees Parker consoling her. Daisy with a black eye goes to the casino with Parker. Reporter Davis asks Johnny about her black eye. Johnny says she socked him first and gets Davis to hit him. Johnny with a black eye goes to the casino with Hortense. Daisy tells Johnny that she's in love with Parker, and he says he won't marry again without love. Hortense tells Johnny that Daisy is not an heiress but was hired for publicity. Johnny hits Parker and carries Daisy out of the casino. In a taxi Johnny calls Daisy a phony; he tells her he's taking her to his shack, and they kiss.

This romantic comedy satirizes European aristocrats seeking marriage for money and businessmen with publicity stunts, while a marriage of convenience becomes one of love.

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