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Dracula's Daughter

(1936 b 73')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Dracula's daughter wants to stop sucking blood and tries to get a psychiatrist she loves to help her.

Police find a man murdered and arrest Professor Van Helsing (Edward Van Sloan) for admitting he drove a stake in Dracula's heart. Van Helsing explains about vampires to Sir Basil Humphrey (Gilbert Emery). Countess Marya Zaleska (Gloria Holden) in a veil comes to see Dracula's body and hypnotizes Sergeant Wilkes (E. E. Clive). The Countess burns Dracula's body and tells Sandor (Irving Pichel) that she is free to join the living now; but Sandor reminds her of evil things. At night she finds a man and comes back with blood on her cape to her coffin before dawn. The man killed had blood drawn from his neck. At Scotland Yard Van Helsing asks psychiatrist Dr. Jeffrey Garth (Otto Kruger) to prove he is sane, but Garth says he won't be believed. At a party Garth meets the Countess. Garth says that Van Helsing has an obsession. The Countess invites Garth to talk more, and he finds no mirrors in her flat. The Countess says that the dead can influence the living and asks his help. Garth tells her not to avoid it but fight it. Garth is irritated by a phone call from his jealous assistant Janet Blake (Marguerite Churchill).

Sandor asks young Lili (Nan Grey) to pose for the Countess, who uses her ring to put a spell on her. Lili screams, and her body is delivered by a truck. Janet quits, but Garth gets her to work. Garth is shown Lili, who lost blood, is hypnotized, and has marks on her neck. Van Helsing tells Garth that it is a vampire's work. Janet ties Garth's tie again and lies to the Countess that Garth is not there. The Countess begs Garth to help her, because she failed his test. She wants him to leave with her. Garth asks the Countess for the truth and advises her not to leave London. The Countess has Sandor take Janet to her car. Garth hypnotizes Lili, who relives the night before and dies.

Garth looks for the Countess and calls Basil to bring Van Helsing to Chelsea. Garth blames the Countess for Lili's death, but she asks him to free her from the curse of the Draculas. Garth learns that the Countess has Janet and gets Basil to order a search of London. Basil learns that a plane left and that Garth is flying to Transylvania. In her castle the Countess comes out of her coffin. A coach takes Garth. The Countess tells Sandor that she wants to trade Janet for Garth. The jealous Sandor shoots an arrow at Garth but misses. Garth finds Janet under a spell, and the Countess says that only she can revive her. The Countess asks for Garth's life for Janet's, and he agrees to remain. Sandor shoots an arrow into the Countess and is shot by police as Basil and Van Helsing arrive. Garth wakens Janet, and Van Helsing says the Countess died a hundred years ago.

This Dracula film brings in sexual passion and an attempt by the Countess to break her evil habit. Garth's will power approach does not work; but what could in this fable, since the Countess has been dead for a century?

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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