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West Point of the Air

(1935 b 89')

En: 5 Ed: 4

An army sergeant trains his son to be an army pilot.

Big Mike (Wallace Beery) wants his boy to become an army aviator. After an early plane crashes, General Carter (Lewis Stone) gives them a model plane.

Years later Little Mike (Robert Young) is a senior at West Point and is going with Skip Carter (Maureen O'Sullivan). In the Army-Navy football game Little Mike scores the winning touchdown. Dare (Rosalind Russell) meets Little Mike, who says good-bye to Skip and his father Big Mike. Little Mike arrives in a plane for training and is reprimanded by General Carter. Skip greets him but finds he has a photo of Dare along with hers. Little Mike kisses Skip. Sgt. Big Mike tells Lt. Little Mike not to pull rank on him. General Carter speaks to the new men, who are then tested. Carter warns Big Mike that Little Mike is cocky. Big Mike trains Little Mike and Carter's son Phil (Russell Hardie). Little Mike clowns by throwing a stick out; Big Mike bails out while Little Mike lands. Little Mike finds Skip at a pool, but she won't go out with him. Little Mike finds Dare in his room, and he kisses her. Big Mike comes in and tells him that women are prohibited. Little Mike stays out late with Dare before his test. Phil nearly hits Little Mike's car and crashes. Little Mike holds Skip, who sees Dare in his car. Little Mike tells his father it was his fault, and he learns that Phil lost a leg. Skip cries.

Joe Bags (James Gleason) warns Big Mike about Mars and Venus as Little Mike flies. Little Mike clips a tower and hits another plane that crashes. Big Mike takes off since Little Mike has no landing gear. Big Mike's co-pilot flies above Little Mike as Big Mike drops onto Little Mike's wings. Big Mike lands the plane and tells his son to say that he landed it. Little Mike refuses to lie, and Big Mike socks him. Big Mike is arrested, and Little Mike testifies for him at a court martial; but Big Mike is dishonorably discharged by Carter. Big Mike says good-bye to Bags.

Big Mike works as an airplane mechanic and drinks. Little Mike tells him he is resigning because he is scared. Big Mike tells him not to run out on his pals. Dare tells Little Mike to sign his resignation letter; but Skip comes in and tells him not to resign. Little Mike sees Big Mike flying in his place in an old plane. Skip takes Little Mike to the field, and he takes off. Big Mike's wing breaks off, and he crashes in the water. Little Mike lands nearby and rescues Big Mike under water. Little Mike flies in formation. General Carter has Sgt. Big Mike award Little Mike his wings, and Little Mike kisses Skip.

This film promotes army aviation and even has the Secretary of War reinstate Big Mike after he interferes in army maneuvers with a private plane. Two pilots die, but no one even thinks about the people that might be bombed.

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