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I Dream Too Much

(1935 b 97')

En: 5 Ed: 5

A struggling opera composer marries a singer, who becomes a success, while his work is ignored until she transforms it into musical comedy.

In southern France Uncle Tito (Paul Porcasi) makes Annette Monard (Lily Pons) practice singing and threatens to put her in a convent. She wants to have fun and jumps over the wall, falling on Jonathan Street (Henry Fonda), who takes her to the carnival. He drinks much wine, and they dance. They wake up in the same room, and she says he insisted they get married. He says he doesn't want to be married. Annette offers to cook for him, and they get a garret in Paris. While Roger Briggs (Eric Blore) practices flute downstairs, Annette sings, and Roger's seal applauds. She takes their fish and cooks it for Jonathan. He tries to work at the piano on his opera and tells her to be quiet. She wants a baby. Annette helps a boy on a carousel and sings, as people gather. Jonathan realizes she can sing.

Jonathan works as a tour guide. In a restaurant Annette sings "I Got Love." She meets a producer, and Jonathan jealously knocks him down. He takes her home to find the seal in their bed. Annette takes Jonathan's opera to Paul Darcy (Osgood Perkins) and sneaks into his office with his lunch, seeing it is the producer with a black eye. She sings from Jonathan's opera, and Darcy likes her voice. Jonathan comes in and apologizes for hitting Darcy.

Darcy gives Annette training, and she sings an opera in Paris. At the party Jonathan is ignored, while she is applauded. Jonathan sees Roger working as a waiter, and they drink. Jonathan overhears that Annette is paying for his opera in Monte Carlo. Jonathan packs and leaves, telling Annette she can't buy him with her success. Annette tours Europe but collapses in Paris. She tells Darcy she wants fun and won't sing. She gets in Jonathan's cab and asks if he is happy. Both say they are happy but cry. He takes her to a cheap restaurant. She drives his taxi. They play and laugh in jail. Darcy comes to get Annette; but Jonathan runs off with her to his poor flat. Darcy says her 14 trunks will make it crowded. Jonathan says it won't work. Annette tells Jonathan she wanted to be his wife, but he wouldn't let her. She adapts his opera into a musical comedy in London, keeping him in jail until the show opens. Annette sings "I Dream Too Much." Jonathan attends. Darcy congratulates Jonathan, and his music is appreciated. At home Annette reads reviews while Jonathan tries to work at the piano. Annette sings to their baby.

This musical comedy challenges the male ego dwarfed by his wife's success, though the operatic Annette becomes a mother and he a successful composer, fulfilling the traditionally desired roles.

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