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The Good Fairy

(1935 b 96')

En: 7 Ed: 6

A young orphan woman tries to do good by directing money from a rich playboy to a poor lawyer in this adaptation of Ferenc Molnar's play.

Maurice Schlapkohi (Alan Hale) visits an orphanage in Budapest to get usherettes for his theater. In the kitchen Luisa Ginglebusher (Margaret Sullavan) tells children a fairy story and falls by accident. Schlapkohi decides to try Luisa, and Dr. Schultz (Beulah Bondi) tells her to do good and watch out for men. In uniform and pointing a wand, usherette Luisa meets Detlaff (Reginald Owen) and cries while watching the movie. After work Joe (Cesar Romero) tries to pick her up, and she pretends to be married to Detlaff, who takes her out. Detlaff invites Luisa to an elegant party, where he is a waiter. Konrad (Frank Morgan) sits with her and takes her into a private room, asking her what she wants and offering her a fur coat. About to carry her off, Detlaff tells Konrad the food is bad to get them back into the ballroom. Konrad chases Luisa, and she says she is married. Konrad offers to make her husband rich. Luisa picks a lawyer named Sporum from the phone book.

Konrad calls on Dr. Max Sporum (Herbert Marshall) and hires him as his European counsel for his meat business at 100,000 a year, giving him 10,000 cash. While leaving, Konrad sees Luisa and tells her about Sporum. Sporum buys office equipment, and Luisa signs for the pencil sharpener, handing it to Sporum. Sporum tells her he holds up ethics and was poor, but now he has been rewarded for his integrity. He offers Luisa free legal service, and she asks about a girl who said she was married. Luisa takes Sporum to buy a car and has a barber remove his beard. She tries on a foxine, and Sporum buys it for her. Luisa tells him she is an orphan and would do him good if she could. She is going to dinner at a man's hotel room. Hearing this, Sporum no longer likes her. Detlaff warns Luisa. She calls Sporum, and he asks her to forgive him.

Luisa goes to Konrad's room and tells about Sporum. Konrad says why he doesn't like him. On his knees Konrad proposes to her. The lights go out, and Detlaff carries Luisa away. Konrad runs after them. They get in a taxi, and Detlaff punches Konrad. Konrad calls on Sporum, saying he saw his wife. Sporum says he is not married. Luisa and Detlaff arrive. Konrad calls Sporum a liar. After crying, Luisa explains the whole story, apologizing for making trouble. Sporum kisses her and says they'll be poor; but Konrad says he can use one honest lawyer if he doesn't overdo it. So Sporum and Luisa get married.

This comedy explores the dangers and temptations facing an attractive young woman, while satirizing a poor and honest lawyer.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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