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Go Into Your Dance

(1935 b 89')

En: 6 Ed: 5

In this musical a singer canceled shows; his sister and a dancer help him come back, and a new show on Broadway is financed by a gangster.

Al Howard (Al Jolson) walked out on another show. His sister Molly (Glenda Farrell) is told Al won't work for a producer on Broadway again. She finds Al in Caliente singing "Cielito Lindo." Molly criticizes him for letting people down. A dancer, who had worked with him in Toledo (Patsy Kelly), wants to be Al's partner. At a Mexican nightclub Dorothy White (Ruby Keeler and Jolson's wife) sings "Good Old-Fashioned Girl" and dances. By request Al sings "Mammy." He makes a date with a chorus girl, and her husband knocks him out. Dorothy takes care of him. Molly asks Dorothy to team up with Al. She dances while he plays various songs on the piano. They are hired for a revue in Chicago. In the successful show Al sings "About a Quarter to Nine." Dorothy dances, and Al asks who's her guy. "Toledo" offers her dance again, but Al wisecracks. Dorothy tells Molly she is quitting, because she fell for Al; but he can't see her.

All the producers reject Al again; but he wants to produce a dinner show. Molly arranges financing with the gangster Duke (Barton MacLane) if his wife Luana (Helen Morgan) is in the show. Al dances with Luana, and Molly warns him her husband is mean and jealous. Duke puts up $50,000 for the show. At rehearsal Toledo shows up again, and Luana sings "The Little Things You Used to Do." Dorothy warns Al about Luana and Duke, and she tells Luana to lay off Al. Equity needs Al's $30,000 bond; but Dorothy learns that Molly is in jail, charged with murder. She asks Al to help Molly. He refuses but then goes to bail her out so she can find her witness. If she does not appear, he will lose $25,000. Luana offers to protect Al, but he brushes her off. Luana tells Duke the show won't open, and he sends men after Al. Just as Al is announcing the show is canceled, the bail bondsman brings the money. Al opens the show singing. Duke learns the show opened and calls Luana to stop the mugs in the alley. She goes out and just nods to them. Al sings "She's a Latin from Manhattan" for Dorothy's Spanish dance. Al asks Dorothy out after the show. Men shoot at Al but wound Dorothy. Al tells Dorothy that he loves her. She tells him to go on. Al sings that when you're feeling blue, "Go Into Your Dance." Al runs off and kisses Dorothy and then does an encore.

Al Jolson offers superb singing, a charming personality, and comic relief with Toledo set amid a show-business melodrama.

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