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Biography of a Bachelor Girl

(1935 b 83')

En: 5 Ed: 5

Based on S. N. Behrman's play, a magazine editor pays a flamboyant painter for her memoirs, while a politician she knew tries to stop them.

Everyweek magazine editor Richard Kurt (Robert Montgomery) tells his boss that Marion Forsythe's biography is worth $20,000. Kurt meets her boat. Marion (Ann Harding) greets Feydak (Edward Arnold) and asks Kurt to come back. Four reporters interview Marion, and Kurt insists she see him. Marion is a painter and declines to write, and she is served with a lawsuit. Leander Nolan (Edward Everett Horton) tells his fiancé Slade Kinnicott (Una Merkel) that he knew Marion. Kurt and Nolan wait as Marion's furniture is attached. Nolan offers Marion money and says he may become a senator; she promises to paint Nolan. Kurt gives her the $2,000 advance, and she invites him to come back and edit. Nolan learns of her biography on past loves, and he worries. Feydak asks Marion to marry; but she declines, saying she seeks a real love. Nolan comes in to sit for his portrait, while Kurt works on her story. Nolan asks Marion not to tell her story and argues with Kurt. Kurt tells Marion that he dislikes Nolan's politics.

Orrin Kinnicott (Charles Richman) publishes health magazines and endorses Nolan, who shows him Marion's story. Nolan says that Kurt talks like a Communist, and Kinnicott promises to handle him. Marion and Kurt enjoy working together, but Kurt admits he despises her superficiality. He tells how he saw his miner father killed by militia during a strike. Kinnicott tells Nolan to choose between his daughter Slade and Marion. Kurt and Marion go to his cabin and hear people gossip about her. Marion tells Kurt that she wants to help him, and they realize they are in love. Nolan and Kinnicott find Slade waiting to have her picture painted. Kurt tells them that Marion is not there. Kinnicott warns Kurt about libel. Marion comes in and offers Slade a portrait as a wedding present. Nolan tries to use judo on Kurt. Kinnicott diagnoses Marion's loose life as metabolism, and he asks Kurt not to expose Marion. Slade asks Marion about Nolan and is relieved to learn that Marion loves someone else. Nolan tells Marion to go ahead with her book, because he is through with Slade and loves her; but Marion tells Nolan that she loves Kurt. Marion says that she will try to stop the book. Kurt apologizes to Marion for getting angry but asks her to write the truth about Nolan. Marion throws it in his face and leaves.

Marion learns that Kurt stopped the book and paid back the advance. She tells Kurt that she is sailing and asks why he stopped it. Kurt refuses to talk love until she is leaving; but at the last moment he tells her he loves her.

Political and philosophical differences underlie these conflicts; but Kurt chooses love rather than expose the hypocrisy of the politician he loathes.

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