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After Office Hours

(1935 b 72')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A newspaperman uses a society woman's connections to get a story and solve a murder, while trying to romance and marry her.

Newspaper editor Jordan (Charles Richman) tells Jim Branch (Clark Gable) to stay off the Patterson story because of Bannister. Jim calls in music critic Sharon Norwood (Constance Bennett) and fires her. At the theater Jim sees Sharon with Tommy Bannister (Harvey Stephens) and tells her he has an assignment for her. Later Sharon finds Jim with her mother (Billie Burke). Jim asks Sharon to report on Julia Patterson and Bannister but kills the story to please her. Jim and Sharon play at doing an interview, and he asks her if she has money and will marry him. Jim takes Sharon out, and she learns it wasn't his idea to re-hire her but Jordan's. Jim kisses Sharon. Bannister, Julia Patterson (Katharine Alexander), and a tipsy Henry Patterson (Hale Hamilton) join them. Henry says that he is not backing Bannister for senator. Sharon goes with Bannister to his boathouse and tells him she is quitting the paper. Julia arrives, and Bannister denies that Sharon is there. They fight. Sharon calls Jim to say she quit. Bannister takes Sharon in his car for food and objects to hearing police reports.

Jim calls on Sharon at 7:30 a.m. to tell her that Julia was found murdered at home. Sharon takes Jim to the Patterson house to squelch the story but then realizes that is not his intention. Hank Parr (Stuart Erwin) says he is the coroner's assistant to photograph the body. A police detective (William Demarest) questions Henry Patterson and tells Bannister that Patterson is charged with murder. Jim suspects Bannister, and Sharon reads his story to Jordan. Jim resigns but tells Hank not to quit and that he loves Sharon. Jim tells Mrs. Norwood and Sharon that he was fired and has a ticket to Kansas City. Jim apologizes to Sharon and asks her to take him to Bannister to apologize. She makes him get out of her car, suspecting he lied about the ticket. Jim buys a ticket and gets a ride with a cop to catch her. Sharon takes Jim to Bannister's boathouse, where he reviews his suspicions. Sharon tells Jim that she was with Bannister that night. Jim and Bannister box, and Bannister knocks Jim down twice.

Jim and Hank re-enact the crime at Bannister's, and Jim figures out how Bannister moved the body. Bannister arrives, and Jim mentions Julia's missing vanity case. Sharon finds Bannister diving underwater and says he killed her. Jim and Hank come in, and Jim knocks out Bannister. Mrs. Norwood learns that Sharon came home with Jim at 5 a.m. Jordan comes to see Jim, and they find Jim and Sharon in her bedroom married.

An unscrupulous journalist solves a murder and wins a rich woman in marriage despite his duplicity; but he looks good compared to a murderer.

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