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Student Tour

(1934 b 84')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A college crew goes on a world tour with their philosophy professor while their captain falls in love with his niece.

A college's world tour depends on the crew winning; but philosophy professor Ethelred Lippincott (Charles Butterworth) is going to fail everyone. So girls tie him up and burn the exams. His niece Ann (Maxine Doyle) asks Bobby (Phil Regan) to find him. Bobby kisses the local vamp to find Lippincott, and Ann gets her uncle to tutor the crew on the ship. Crew trainer Hank (Jimmy Durante) rooms with Lippincott, because they both snore. On deck Bobby sings "New Moon." Ann takes over Lippincott's philosophy class and lectures; but the students walk out. At a masquerade ball Ann as Pirette sings "From Now On You Belong to Me." Bobby kisses her and says she is new; offended he knows "all the girls," she slaps him. Hank as Cyrano de Bergerac and Lippincott as Napoleon take food to two Chinese prisoners and release them. Ann tutors Bobby, but he does not know she is Pirette.

Lippincott and Hank are taken off the boat as the Chinese prisoners, but they are released when the Chinese officer knows Lippincott from Harvard; he invites him to meet a Confucian sage. At a Chinese nightclub Hank plays the piano and sings "I Just Say It With Music." When Lippincott contributes $50 for the philosophy department at a Chinese university, the sage gives him his daughter Sum Toy, who follows him everywhere. Bobby kisses Lilith (Florine McKinney); when she gives him a little slap, he thinks she is Pirette. Hank and Lippincott lock Sum Toy out of their room. Lippincott lectures on India. At the Taj Mahal Bobby sings to Lilith as bathing beauties dance. A soldier tries to arrest Ann for dancing at a sacred place; but Hank and Lippincott satisfy him by giving him Sum Toy.

Bobby asks his brother Jeff (Monte Blue) to have the crew row to dance music. Cayenne (Betty Grable) sings, but the rhythm is too fast. Bobby plans to leave the crew at Monte Carlo. The coxswain wins 100,000 francs gambling and gives a party; but he loses his voice. Nelson Eddy sings "The Carlo." Ann dances and then removes her mask. Bobby realizes she is Pirette. To get Bobby training as a boxer, Jeff hits him. Hank leaves Sum Toy as security for the party bill. Ann substitutes for the whispering coxswain and gets the crew going by singing. They win, and the crew throws her in the water. Jeff tells Bobby to go after her, and he jumps in the water to embrace Ann.

Durante's comedy is the main highlight in this escape entertainment. As usual, college sports seems much more important than philosophy.

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