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The Richest Girl in the World

(1934 b 76')

En: 5 Ed: 6

The world's wealthiest woman pretends to be her secretary to see if the man she loves wants her or her money.

Even reporters do not know what the richest 24-year-old looks like. Silvia (Fay Wray) acts as Dorothy Hunter and asks the board if she may marry. Jonathan Connors (Henry Stephenson) takes the minutes to the real Dorothy Hunter (Miriam Hopkins) to sign. Silvia and her husband Phillip (Reginald Denny) want to live in England; but Dorothy persuades Sylvia to play her until her wedding to Donald. However, Donald breaks the engagement. Dorothy wonders how she will know if someone loves her if they know she is so rich. At a party Sylvia plays Dorothy Hunter, and Tony Travers (Joel McCrea) wins $60 playing billiards with Dorothy, thinking she is Sylvia. He invites her canoeing but changes his mind and goes instead with Sylvia (thinking she is Dorothy). Dorothy and Phillip in a speed boat swamp and capsize the canoe of Tony and Sylvia. Tony apologizes to Dorothy; they both sneeze and drink. Tony says he would not reject the richest girl if he likes her. Jonathan, Phillip, and Sylvia hear a report on Tony and approve of him. Sylvia says that Dorothy is helping Tony go after her, and Phillip objects.

Dorothy dances with Phillip while Tony dances with Sylvia. Phillip cuts in, and they switch. Tony tells Dorothy that he has $1800, and she offers to put in an equal amount in a partnership to buy stocks. They get inside information on a Hunter railroad merger and make money. Dorothy suggests that Tony marry Dorothy (Sylvia). In the rain Tony goes to Jonathan's house and eats alone. Jonathan calls they won't be there. Dorothy arrives. Tony rests on her lap by the fire and kisses her. Dorothy reminds him he came there to propose to Dorothy. Tony says he wants her, because Dorothy won't have him.

Jonathan tells Dorothy to take Tony. She says she loves Tony but wants to be his first choice. Tony apologizes to Dorothy and says they are the closest friends. She tells him that Dorothy might marry him. Tony and Sylvia are left by the fire, while the others play pinochle. Tony announces that she accepted his proposal. Tony kisses Sylvia goodnight quickly and then asks to talk with Dorothy; but she won't see him. Tony sees Phillip go in Sylvia's room. In the morning Tony tells Sylvia he won't marry her. Dorothy tells him that she was in that room. Jonathan reprimands Dorothy for putting up another obstacle. At breakfast Phillip kisses Dorothy and Sylvia before Tony slugs him. Tony carries Dorothy out to the car. Jonathan learns that Dorothy wed Tony under the name of Sylvia, but it is legal.

This deception attempts to determine if Tony loves Dorothy or wealth; yet the rich help him along in his poor quest by some insider trading.

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