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Paris Interlude

(1934 b 72')

En: 5 Ed: 5

Based on the play by S. J. and Laura Perelman, an alcoholic reporter leaves his fiancé in Paris, and she falls in love with his friend.

In Paris reporters Sam Colt (Otto Kruger) and Pat Wells (Robert Young) drink with Julie Bell (Madge Evans) and Cassie (Una Merkel). When Lindbergh lands, Sam and Pat try to get facts. Drunk Sam boards a train and tells drunk Pat he is engaged to Julie. Pat tells Julie that Sam went to America and is going to China. Julie is broke but makes money sending fashion articles to America, and Cassie earns also from her drawings. Cassie tells Pat to get out of giving tours. Pat says Sam is in China; but Julie won't marry Pat. Mary Louise (Louise Henry) goes with Julie and Rex (George Meeker) to see jewelry. Stevens tells Pat he heard that Sam was killed in China. Julie takes notes at a fashion show, and Rex asks her to marry; but she says no. Julie learns of Sam's death, and Pat comforts her. Ham (Edward Brophy) asks Cassie to go to Russia, but she declines. Cassie and Julie read that Mary Louise was caught smuggling jewelry. Cassie urges Julie to marry Pat, but Julie is going to America with Rex. Cassie looks for Pat, and bartender Jimmy (Ted Healy) tells her that Pat has money and is drinking again. Rex asks Julie how she feels about Pat and finds Pat in her flat without his pants. Rex jealously walks out. Julie blames Pat for meddling. Julie suspects that Pat got money for turning in Mary Louise; but his story about her won a contest. Pat asks Julie to marry and gives her a ring; they kiss.

At their wedding party with artists Cassie tells Pat that Sam is alive. Julie looks for Pat at the bar; but drunk Sam comes in, asks her to marry, and collapses. Pat comes in and carries Sam to a car. Three weeks later a doctor tells Julie and Pat they can operate on Sam now. Sam while sober asks Julie to marry. Pat takes Sam home in a wheelchair. Pat tells Sam that Julie almost married him. They both plan to ask Julie. While Pat pays the hospital bill, Cassie urges Sam not to marry Julie because Pat loves her. Julie comes in, followed by Pat. Sam kisses Julie and acts callously. Julie says that she is marrying Pat. Sam asks Cassie to call Stevens that he'll take the job to give money to Pat and Julie.

In this melodrama Sam's habit of seducing women by asking them to marry while he is drunk nearly causes Julie to miss the opportunity to marry her best friend Pat, who also admits he suffers from hero worship for the maimed flyer Sam.

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