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The Gay Bride

(1934 b 80')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A chorus girl marries a gangster for money but loses both; she tries for more until she realizes she loves the employee who saved his salary.

Shoots Magiz (Nat Pendleton) bought a show to be near chorus-girl Mary (Carol Lombard). He gives her a bracelet, but she wants marriage. Her maid Mirabelle (ZaSu Pitts) warns her a racketeer could be killed. His bodyguard "Office Boy" James (Chester Morris) is kidnapped by gangsters but escapes and tells Shoots the Detroit mob is after him. James rescues Mary; she threatens to fire him; and he leaves her on the road. Shoots and Mary are married, and James kisses the bride passionately; Dingle (Sam Hardy) kisses her and is slapped. Shoots is paying off the police. Mary has the lawyer MacPherson (Walter Walker) draw up a will for Shoots on their wedding night. James informs him he is in the red because of repeal. Shoots and Mary are rejected by France, England, and Germany, but honeymoon in Greece. While Shoots is planning to eliminate Dingle, Mary is selling a painting for $100,000 to replace it with a copy and buying a new car. James knows she is robbing her husband, and she puts the cash in a safe deposit box. Dingle kisses Mary against her will and gives Shoots an armored car that blows up when he starts it.

MacPherson says Shoots left only debts, and Mary's deposit box was attached to pay for the painting; he says only a trust is safe. To pay for the car Mary cries to Dingle and asks for a trust fund before marrying. Mikapopoulis (Leo Carrillo) offers a trust fund too. He and Dingle get money, and Dingle is soon found dead. Mary realizes she is in love with James, and he buys a garage. Mic brings the money to Mary, but she changed her mind. Mic tells James about his deal with Mary, and James gets angry at her and leaves. The police are after Mic and the "merry widow Mary." Mic tells James that Mary left him at the boat and asks where she is. James finds her in his bedroom; she gives him the money and tells him to sleep in his garage or get a minister, getting in his bed. James hears the police are after Mary. She and Mirabelle go to hand out $100 each to poor people in line and are mobbed; Mirabelle and a man get away with a bundle. Mary tells James she gave away the money. The police chase them, but they escape. Mic's gang asks James for the money; he gets the gun but is shot before the police arrive. In a hospital Mary tells James she can arrange everything by mortgaging his garage. He agrees to marry her.

This fast-paced comedy satirizes the plight of gangsters after repeal of Prohibition. Mic even wants to turn the Greek tourist trade into a racket. Mary tries to dig gold from crooks but finds an honest man.

Copyright © 1999 by Sanderson Beck

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