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The Stranger’s Return

(1933 b 89')

En: 5 Ed: 5

Based on Philip Stong’s adaptation of his own novel and directed by King Vidor, Louise Storr (Miriam Hopkins) returns to the farm of her Grandpa Storr (Lionel Barrymore) who lives with his stepdaughter Beatrice (Beulah Bondi), his nephew Allen Redfield (Grant Mitchell) and his wife Thelma Redfield (Aileen Carlyle). Drunkard Simon works the farm for Grandpa who likes to argue with his neighbor Guy Crane (Franchot Tone). He is married to the less educated Widdie Crane (Tad Alexander).
      Louise arrives from New York on the midnight train and is welcomed by her cantankerous Grandpa, Simon, and the  others in his farmhouse. Louise soon gets to know and love their neighbor Guy Crane who likes her very much. On Saturday night they go to a dance, and Louise dances with Guy more than Beatrice believes is proper. Guy drives her home and kisses her once. They both decide to forget it because of his wife. Widdie prepares Sunday dinner for them after church.
      The independent Grandpa likes Louise much better than the others in his house and pretends to be insane so that they will try to have him committed to an asylum. Then he alters his will and dictates the changes to the lawyer Allen.
      This rural drama depicts an Iowa family with an elderly patriarch who does not want anyone telling him how to live. Louise is in a difficult situation and is grateful to inherit the family farm. Their values at that time reject the option of divorce while the audience may see that two people who love each other decide not to get together in order to preserve his family life.

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