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The Right to Romance

(1933 b 67')

En: 5 Ed: 5

A woman doctor longs for romance and gets married quickly; but he likes his previous girl-friend, and she realizes an associate loves her.

Dr. Peggy Simmons (Ann Harding) does cosmetic surgery and is called Cupid. Her secretary Eve is leaving to get married. Peggy operates on a woman who was in a car accident and meets Bob Preble (Robert Young), a patient's son. Peggy is tired and refuses to see another patient. She gives the boy Bill (Delmar Watson) money and tells medical researcher Heppie Heppling (Nils Asther) she is going away to be a woman and find romance. Heppie tells Peggy that he loves her; but she doesn't believe him.

At a resort Peggy meets Bunny Allen (Alden Stephen Chase) and sees Bob flying a plane. Bob lets Lee Joyce (Sari Maritza) take control and lands on the beach. Bob remembers Peggy, has dinner with her, and they dance. Lee kisses Bob and is not worried as he goes to dance with Peggy. Bob takes Peggy flying, speed-boating, driving, and sailing. He tells her he loves her and kisses her. Peggy boards a train, and Bob gives her flowers as she goes.

At the hospital Peggy tells Heppie it was grand. Bob comes in but cannot touch Peggy because she has washed for surgery. He asks her to marry, and Peggy says yes. Peggy tells Heppie and asks him to give her away; she says Heppie is too handsome to be an uncle. In a garden Peggy weds Bob, while Heppie, Lee, and Bunny are disappointed. At home Bob listens to football on the radio. Peggy likes staying home more than he does. Bunny, Lee, and others come from the game. Heppie tells Peggy that Bill is sick. Bob supplies liquor for the party. Peggy operates on Bill and tells him a story. Peggy comes back and goes upstairs. She looks out the window and sees Bob kiss Lee. Peggy goes to the hospital and finds Heppie with Bill. Heppie asks Peggy what is wrong, and she says that Bob has someone else. Heppie tells her to give Bob another chance, because he can't help but love her once he knows her.

Peggy learns that Bob's plane crashed. She finds Bob sedated; but Lee was badly injured in the face. Peggy will operate on her and tells the sleeping Bob that she will give Lee back to him so that he can be happier. Heppie greets Peggy outside the hospital. She realizes he waited years for her, and she has much to tell him.

This drama portrays a positive female role model as a surgeon; but she has to learn about romance that a cheerful playboy is not right for her. Heppie's love is deeper like hers; but he too must learn how to express it.

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