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(1933 b 61')

En: 6 Ed: 6

Two barbers represent an Indian nation at the Geneva peace conference in this musical comedy satirizing international diplomacy.

Barbers Willy Nilly (Bert Wheeler) and Hercules Glub (Robert Woolsey) have no business on an Indian reservation but find a bird's nest in Luke's beard while discussing defaulting on international debts. The chief spent four years at Oxford and speaks English; he gives them each one million dollars to get the nations at Geneva to sign a peace pact.

On the ship explosives owner Winklereid (Louis Calhern) tells Chinese Chow Chow (Hugh Herbert) he wants a vamp to get the money and instructions from Willy and Hercules. At dinner Willy drops his papers and leaves with vamp Dolores (Marjorie White), who sings "Sing to Me" to him, and they wrestle. Hercules gets drunk with Winklereid and the captain, and Winklereid takes his money. Dolores says she loves Willy. The ship wanders and takes eight months to get there.

At the Dead Rat dive Winklereid hires the toughest man, but the boss Fifi (Phyllis Barry) lays him out with a smoldering kiss. In Paris Willy and Hercules wake up with hangovers. A dozen maids sing "Good Morning" and go out. Dolores and Fifi come in, and Fifi leads them to the Dead Rat. Willy and Hercules reprise "Sing" and escape the brawl; but Dolores takes their papers to Winklereid.

At Geneva, where nations fight over peace, Willy and Hercules get a note from the Indians. Willy writes a paper for all nations to sign, promising not to make no war no more no how nowhere. Winklereid's assassin is stopped by an arrow, and Chow Chow goes home to the wife he hates in China. Fifi tries to kill Hercules with a smoldering kiss but passes out herself. Willy and Hercules enter a hall of men throwing papers. The chairman (Edgar Kennedy) calls for order to throw out one man. Then he points a machine gun. Willy and Hercules can't do anything but talk about peace. Everyone rejects not having wars. Willy and Hercules try again with acrobatics for peace. Winklereid throws a bomb in the room, giving them all black faces. Willy and Hercules sing "No War" as a revival song. Winklereid shows his men a forged agreement to make the delegates go home but which will cause war later. One of these men drops an explosive bullet, killing them. Willy and Hercules find the agreement. Newspapers blame the diplomaniacs for the world war. Soldiers greet returning Willy and Hercules with rifles, and they are drafted.

This farce makes fun of the tragic international situation that is drifting toward another world war because of the feeble diplomatic efforts of the League of Nations at Geneva to establish a lasting peace.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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