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They Learned About Women

(1930 b 95')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Two friends team up in vaudeville and baseball. The pitcher's engagement is broken off when a gold-digger gets him to marry her; but after a separation they win the World Series.

Jack Glennon (Joe Schenck) and Jerry Burke (Gus Van) leave vaudeville for baseball. Mary Collins (Bessie Love) greets Jack, and she sings "I've Got a Man of My Own." Jack loans Daisy Gebhart (Mary Doran) money for new clothes, and she kisses him. Jack says he better not see her again; he's engaged to Mary. Jerry and Jack sing "Nobody But Me," and Jack sings "There Never Will Be Another Mary." After a game Jack gets a letter from Daisy, who is in town and needs to see him. In the shower-room the players sing of women. Jerry sends Mary home from a restaurant, but she saw Jack dancing with Daisy. Jerry acts drunk and spills food on Daisy. Mary comes to Jack's room and says they can still be friends. Jerry tries to keep Daisy away from Jack and warns him about her; but she comes in, and Jack says they are married. Daisy wants to act with Jack.

Jerry and Jack perform "Daugherty Is the Name," "I'm an Old-Fashioned Guy," and "Harlem Madness." Mary shows them their new baseball contract. Daisy calls for Jack, but Jerry puts on foreign accents. Sam Goldberg (Benny Rubin) and Tim O'Connor (Tom Dugan) do vaudeville jokes, as O'Connor hits Goldberg with a newspaper. The house detective throws Daisy out; but she gets in and tells Jerry that Jack is through with baseball. Daisy tells Jack that she wants to get away from Jerry's advances. Jack says that Jerry is out of the act.

In a game Jerry is fined by am umpire. In the stands Jack stands up for Jerry. Jack tells Jerry and Mary that Daisy left him to get a divorce and that he has been unemployed. Jerry goes out to get Jack back on the team. Jack tells Mary that he loves her. Mary says that she is marrying Jerry.

In the World Series Jack pitches poorly twice. Alone Jack sings "There Never Will Be Another Mary." Jerry hears. The last game is delayed by rain while they are losing. Jerry wants Jack put in. Jerry tells Jack that he doesn't want to marry Mary. The game resumes, and Jack pitches well. Jack gets on base when a pitch hits him. Then Jerry hits an inside-the-park homerun to win. Mary hugs Jack, who says that Jerry understands.

Two experienced vaudevillians bring their talent to the screen in a story that affirms their friendship as well as their partnership. Jack is led astray by the selfish Daisy; but the loyal Mary and his best friend help him restore their winning team.

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