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The Broadway Melody

(1929 b 100')

En: 5 Ed: 5

A songwriter teams up with the act of two sisters in a Broadway show, but his fiancée's sister draws all the romantic attention.

Eddie Kearns (Charles King) sings his "Broadway Melody." Hank Mahoney (Bessie Love) and her sister Queenie Mahoney (Anita Page) get a room and hope to make it in New York. Uncle Jed (Jed Prouty) comes in, but they decline his job offer to travel. He leaves. Eddie arrives and asks Hank when they are getting married. He notices Queenie has become big and beautiful.

Francis Zanfield (Eddie Kane) is in charge of a rehearsal. Eddie presents the Mahoney sisters. They sing briefly, and Zanfield accepts only Queenie. Hank gets into a fight with a chorus girl. Queenie asks Zanfield to hire Hank too at the same salary, and he agrees. Queenie keeps it secret from Hank, and Eddie kisses Queenie.

At the dress rehearsal Queenie and Hank are nervous. Eddie sings "Broadway Melody" while they dance; but Zanfield cuts out their dance. Zanfield has Queenie placed on a high boat with little clothing. Hank is upset. Afterward Queenie goes out with Jock Warriner (Kenneth Thomson) but changes her mind and comes home early to Hank.

Two weeks later Queenie gets birthday flowers from Jock. He tells her he has a birthday party for her. When Eddie comes in, Jock leaves. Uncle Jed advises Hank to marry Eddie.

Eddie sings to Queenie "You Were Meant for Me" and says he wrote it for her. She backs away. Hank comes in, and Queenie starts arguing about Jock.

Hank comes into a surprise party, but Queenie is at Jock's party. The others leave Hank and Eddie. She prays for Queenie and embraces Eddie.

Jock and Queenie celebrate with an orchestra and dance. He gives her a diamond bracelet and offers her an apartment on Park Avenue and a Rolls Royce. Tipsy Queenie comes home after five and tells Hank that she will have what she wants.

Zanfield presents "The Wedding of the Painted Doll" and "The Boy Friend." Hank and Queenie dance. Hank tells Queenie not to go out with Jock, and Eddie also tries to persuade her. Queenie says Eddie is jealous. Hank and Eddie try to stop her, but Queenie runs out. Hank knows that Eddie loves Queenie and tells him to fight for her. She denies she loves Eddie. He leaves, and she cries. Hank calls Uncle Jed for the job.

At her new apartment Queenie thanks Jock. She wants to go back to the party, but he holds her. Eddie comes in, and Jock knocks him down and has him thrown out. Queenie goes with Eddie.

Hank and Uncle Jed welcome Eddie and Queenie back from their honeymoon. They invite Hank to live with them on Long Island. Hank's partner Flo (Mary Doran) comes in and asks Eddie to put her in his show. Hank and Flo leave to catch their train.

This Oscar-winner set the pattern for presenting musical production numbers interspersed with a plot of romantic complications. The presentation of pretty chorus girls reflects the Ziegfeld follies, while Jock Warriner represents the shift of wealth and show business power to the big movie producers.

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