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As he was still speaking,
Judas, one of the twelve, arrived;
he also knew the place,
for often Jesus met there with his disciples.
Judas taking the cohort
and officials from the high priests and Pharisees
had with him a large crowd
with torches and lanterns and swords and clubs.

The one giving him over had given them a signal
saying, "Whomever I kiss is he;
seize him and lead him away securely."

So Jesus aware of everything that was coming upon him
went out and said to them, "Who are you looking for?"

They answered him, "Jesus the Nazarene."

He said to them, "I am he."

Judas, the one giving him over also stood with them.
So when he told him, "I am he,"
they went back and fell on the ground.
Judas drew near to Jesus to kiss him,
but Jesus said to him, "Judas,
do you give over the human son with a kiss?"

Immediately approaching Jesus
he said, "Hello, Rabbi," and kissed him.

Jesus said to him, "Comrade, what have you come for?"

Then approaching
they laid their hands on Jesus and seized him.
So again he questioned them, "Who are you looking for?"

They said, "Jesus the Nazarene."

Jesus answered, "I told you that I am he;
therefore if you are looking for me, allow these to go;"
so that the word which he said might be fulfilled:
"Those you gave me, I have not lost any of them."

Those around him seeing what was going to happen
said, "Lord, shall we strike with a sword?"

Simon Peter having a sword drew it
and struck the high priest's servant
and cut off his right ear;
the name of the servant was Malchus.

Jesus said to Peter, "No more of this!
Put the sword into the sheath;
for all who take a sword will die by a sword.
Or do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father,
and he will provide me now
with more than twelve legions of angels?
Then how may the scriptures be fulfilled
that it must happen like this?
The cup which the Father has given to me,
shall I not drink it?"

Touching the ear of the servant he cured him.
Jesus said to the high priests and officers of the temple
and elders who had come against him,
"As against a robber
have you come out with swords and clubs to arrest me?
I was with you every day teaching in the temple,
and you did not reach out your hands
against me and seize me;
but this is your hour and the authority of darkness.
This whole thing has happened
so that the scriptures of the prophets may be fulfilled."

Then leaving him, all the disciples fled.
A certain youth accompanied him
wearing a tunic over his nakedness,
and they seized him;
and leaving behind the tunic he fled naked.

88. Judas Gives Over Jesus to Arrest Harmony 88 * Interpretation 88
89. Jesus Before the High Priests Harmony 89 * Synthesis 89 * Interpretation 89

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