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When Jesus finished all these words,
he said to his disciples,
"You know that after two days the Passover occurs,
and the human son is given over to be crucified."

Then the high priests and the elders of the people
gathered in the court of the high priest called Caiaphas,
and they plotted so that by deceit
they might arrest and kill Jesus;
but they said, "Not at the feast,
lest there be a disturbance among the people."

Some of those going up
to worship at the feast were Greeks;
therefore these approached Philip,
the one from Bethsaida of Galilee,
and they asked him, "Lord, we wish to see Jesus."
Philip went and told Andrew;
Andrew and Philip went and told Jesus.

Jesus answered them, "The hour has come
so that the human son may be glorified.
Amen, amen, I tell you,
unless a grain of wheat falling into the earth dies,
it remains alone;
but if it dies, it bears much fruit.

"Whoever loves one's life loses it,
and whoever hates one's life in this world
will preserve it for eternal life.
If anyone serves me, let him follow me;
and where I am, there also my servant will be;
if anyone serves me, the Father will honor him.

"Now my life has been troubled, and what should I say?
Father, save me from this hour.
But for this reason I came to this hour.
Father, glorify your name."

So a voice came out of heaven:
"I glorified it, and I will glorify it again."

Therefore the crowd standing and hearing
said thunder had occurred;
others said, "An angel has spoken to him."

Jesus answered, "Not for me has this voice occurred,
but for you.
Now is the judgment of this world;
now the ruler of this world will be thrown out;
and if I am lifted from the earth,
I will draw everyone to myself."
He said this signifying what death he was about to die.

Therefore the crowd answered him,
"We heard from the law that the Christ remains forever,
and how is it you say that the human son must be lifted up?
Who is this human son?"

So Jesus said to them,
"For a short time longer the light is among you.
Walk while you have the light, lest darkness overtake you;
and whoever walks in the dark
does not know where one is going.
While you have the light, believe in the light,
so that you may become sons of light.

"If they say to you, 'Where have you come from?'
say to them, 'We have come from the light,
where the light has originated through itself.
It revealed itself in their image.'

"If they say to you, 'Who are you?'
say, 'We are his sons,
and we are the elect of the living Father.'

"If they ask you,
'What is the sign of your Father within you?'
say to them, 'It is a movement and a rest.'

"The images appear to people,
and the light which is within them
is hidden in the image of the light of the Father.
He will manifest himself;
his image is concealed by his light."
Jesus spoke these things,
and going away he was hidden from them.

As many miracles as he had performed before them,
they still did not believe in him,
so that the word of Isaiah the prophet might be fulfilled:

Lord, who has believed our report?
and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?

For this reason they could not believe,
for again Isaiah said,

He has blinded their eyes and hardened their heart,
lest they should see with their eyes
and understand with their heart
and turn, and I would cure them.

These things Isaiah said because he saw his glory,
and he spoke about him.

Nevertheless even many of the rulers believed in him,
but because of the Pharisees they did not admit it,
lest they be put out of the synagogue;
for they loved human glory more than the glory of God.

Jesus shouted, "Whoever believes in me
does not believe in me but in the one who sent me,
and whoever sees me sees the one who sent me.
I have come as light into the world,
so that everyone who believes in me
may not remain in the dark.

"If anyone hears my sayings and does not keep them,
I do not judge him;
for I did not come so that I might judge the world,
but so that I might save the world.
Whoever rejects me and does not accept my sayings
has judging him the word which I have spoken;
that will judge him on the last day.

"For I have not spoken from myself,
but the Father who sent me he has given me commands
what I should say and what I should speak.
I know that his command is eternal life.
Therefore what I speak is just as the Father has said to me;
that I speak."

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