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After this, Jesus and his disciples
went into the Judean country,
and he spent time there with them and baptized.

John was also baptizing at Aenon near Salim,
because there was much water there,
and they came and were baptized;
for John had not yet been thrown into prison.

So there was a discussion between the disciples of John
and a Jew about purification.
They came to John and said to him,
"Rabbi, the one who was with you beyond the Jordan,
about whom you have testified,
look, this one baptizes, and everyone is going to him."

John answered, "A person cannot receive anything
unless it has been given to one from heaven.
You yourselves witnessed me when I said,
'I am not the Christ, but I am sent ahead of that one.'
The one having the bride is the bridegroom;
but the friend of the bridegroom,
standing by and hearing him,
rejoices with joy because of the voice of the bridegroom.
Therefore this joy of mine has been fulfilled.

"That one must grow, but I must diminish.
The one coming from above is over all;
the one from the earth is of the earth
and speaks of the earth.
The one coming from heaven is over all;
what he has seen and heard, this he testifies,
and no one accepts his testimony.
The one accepting his testimony certified that God is true.
For the one whom God sent speaks the sayings of God;
for not out of a measure does one give the spirit.

"The Father loves the son,
and has given everything into his hand.
Whoever believes in the son has eternal life;
and whoever disobeys the son will not see life,
but the wrath of God remains upon one."

So when the Lord knew that the Pharisees had heard
that Jesus was making and baptizing more disciples than John
(although Jesus himself did not baptize, but his disciples),
he left Judea and went away again into Galilee.

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