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96. The Angels at the Tomb.

When the women arrived at the tomb at dawn, the guards were all in a stupor asleep. The tomb had been opened, and they saw a radiant angel of Light who communicated to them that Jesus was alive and had risen. The women were more sensitive to the spiritual world; for when Peter and John came they did not contact the angel. Nevertheless, seeing the linen there they began to believe the account that the women had heard from the angel.

Mary was wondering where Jesus was and asked the angels that she could see. Her deep concern was quickly answered by Jesus himself, whom she did not recognize at first. When Jesus spoke to her in his customary tone, she realized the miracle and bowed before his glory. He consoled her and asked her not to hold him to the earth, for he was going to transcend into the consciousness of God; yet she should tell the disciples to go to Galilee where he would appear to them before he ascended to God. Mary, who had had contact with several spirits before, was not believed by most people when she told them this story.

When the guards awoke, they told the high priests that Jesus was gone. The Jewish leaders assumed or invented the story that his disciples had stolen the body, and they paid the guards to tell this account.

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