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94. Death of Jesus.

At noon the cosmic significance of this event was reflected in the eclipse of the sun and the darkness on the Earth. In this moment of agony Jesus seemed to cry out in existential despair, but actually he was quoting the first line of the 22nd Psalm to indicate how these prophecies were being fulfilled; from this seemingly God-forsaken event the soul cries out to God for the suffering of the body and mind until faith in God is affirmed, and the awareness comes that all the unborn people shall remember this event and praise the one God who rules over all nations.

Finally when everything had been fulfilled Jesus declared it so and surrendered his soul to God; as he breathed out, his soul departed and his body died. The power of his spirit going shook the earth and many things in the area, particularly the spiritual energy fields in the temple. On the other side he began to awaken the souls of many who had been waiting for release; these liberated spirits were seen by many people at that time. Even the centurion felt the spiritual power of this transition and affirmed that this was a divine being.

The crowd of followers and the women, realizing that he had died, began to go away and mourn. Although his legs were not broken, the soldier's spear in his side made sure that his body was dead.

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