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89. Jesus Before the High Priests.

Jesus declared to Annas that he had taught the Jews openly wherever they gathered and that the people knew his teachings. He spoke with such authority and lack of submissiveness that an official hit him for being disrespectful to the old high priest. With simple logic Jesus asked the man either to correct his error or consider why he struck him if he was in the right.

The important Jews gathered in the house of Caiaphas and questioned witnesses and Jesus there, while Peter and another disciple waited with the servants. Since the witnesses were lying, it was difficult to arrive at a coherent version of what Jesus said which could be charged against him. In the midst of this scattered energy Jesus simply remained silent.

Finally Caiaphas focused the energy by asking in the name of the living God if Jesus was the Christ. This direct question from the high priest Jesus answered, knowing that they would not believe him but prophesying that in the future they would experience this Christ consciousness as plain as day. When they phrased their perception of what he had declared as a question, he simply pointed out what they understood. The Jewish authorities felt that for a man to claim to be the son of God was a blasphemy against God and should be punished by death. From then on the guards treated him with contempt, making fun of his clairvoyant abilities.

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