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88. Judas Gives Over Jesus to Arrest.

Judas led the soldiers and Jewish officials to the place where Jesus usually spent the night while in Jerusalem; it was still night, and they were armed. Without hiding or retreating Jesus boldly asked them who they were looking for so that when they named him he could identify himself and allow the disciples to go free. His energy field was so strong that the soldiers retreated; only Judas had access to him to bring about the arrest. Jesus treated this disciple as a friend in spite of the situation and asked him to declare his intention. The arrest was made, and Jesus made sure that his disciples were allowed to escape, just as he had promised he would take care of them.

Peter in his misguided determination not to give in and with mistaken zeal attacked one of the men. Jesus immediately stopped the violence and indicated that those who use violence destroy themselves. He had all spiritual power at his command if needed, but he knew that it was ordained to be fulfilled in this way. Showing mercy he cured the wounded servant and then asked calmly why they had come to arrest him like a thief or a revolutionary when he had taught openly every day. Yet the negative power uses the authority of force and hides in the darkness of subterfuge. When he declared that this was the fulfillment of scripture and willingly went with them, the disciples accepted it, let him go, and ran away.

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