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87. Jesus Predicts Peter's Denial.

Jesus knew that he had to face his trial alone and told the disciples that they would all abandon him that night, but that he would return and lead them. Again this was to reassure them and reduce the panic and fear. Peter in his usual enthusiasm wanted to follow Jesus regardless and thought that he would be able to give up his life with Jesus; but it was not to be at this time, and Jesus predicted how Peter's resolve would be changed and how it would be clearly demonstrated that it had been altered. As he was the leading disciple, the negative power had been testing Peter in every way possible; but Jesus had prayed for him and guided him so that he would remain strong and be able to support the other disciples. Because they were being threatened with force, he warned them to be on their guard; for it was prophesied that he would be treated as a criminal.

Finally Jesus took the three closest disciples and went aside to pray, knowing that death was soon to come upon him. He asked Peter, James, and John to stay awake with him; but they were not conscious enough to keep awake, and their weariness overcame them. Jesus prayed directly to God, asking if there was a way out but accepting the divine will as it had been set up. His higher self triumphed over his lower self which was concerned about his physical well-being. Even his closest disciples could not support him in this great crisis; he faced it alone and surrendered everything to God. His body was in mortal terror, but from God he gained strength to fulfill his destiny. Having overcome this greatest test of his will, he let the disciples sleep in peace until Judas arrived with the soldiers.

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