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86. Jesus Prays for His Disciples.

Speaking to God so that the disciples could hear, Jesus prayed that the perfect life energy he had been blessed with could also be given to all disciples of the Christ. This life is the awareness of God which has been extended to the Christ. Jesus gave all the glory to God, and the Christ was glorified by God from all eternity. Jesus had merely given to people what he received from God, and those who have accepted these teachings know they came from God.

Jesus prayed for the liberation of their souls from the negativity of the world even though they were still in the world; he prayed that these also may through the Christ consciousness become one with God as he had himself. Jesus had gathered them together, and now he asked that God protect and guide them while they were still in the world. He was sent to those in the world. Throughout this process he and the disciples were being sanctified to return to God in a pure consciousness.

Jesus also prayed that all people may become one in God and the Christ consciousness, (although other cultures may use different terms and have different historical reference points); the prayer here is for the oneness of humanity in God through love for all. Jesus prayed that everyone may experience the blessings of the spiritual consciousness and that the love of God may be shared by all people.

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