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85. Jesus Is Going to the Father.

Jesus warned the disciples that they would be rejected even by those who think they are religious but who do not know the Spirit nor Christ. Jesus continued to console them for what would seem such a great loss. Yet the Holy Spirit would be with them to guide them. The world would be judged by its own actions revealing that the justice and grace of God is superior to the world's law of karmic punishment.

Many of the spiritual teachings are difficult to convey in words, but the Holy Spirit reveals the higher truths inwardly which if the physical consciousness knew, the world would be hard to bear. If people knew how beautiful the higher realms are, they would not want to stay in the world at all. The Holy Spirit gives all the guidance that is needed. Jesus hinted that although he was going away physically, he would return so that their grief would become joy; this joy of being connected to God no one could ever take away from them.

Jesus had taught through parables and analogies; but ultimately they would have the direct experience with the Spirit, and through love they would be united with Christ and God. The disciples were beginning to gain this direct awareness and the realization of what the Christ is. At this point Jesus warned them again of the difficult and trying times ahead, but indicated that they should not be afraid of the world, since in him they have serenity and he has challenged the world and won.

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