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84. The True Vine.

In this simple parable Jesus expressed the oneness of life and encouraged his disciples to flourish through their good works. Those who do not do good works stunt their own growth and lose contact with the goodness of life that they are. In oneness with the Christ and his word they maintain a direct connection with the source of life and work together doing God's will. Again Jesus emphasized that the love is kept flowing by doing and keeping the commandments, as he demonstrated also the commandments of God.

Now his love has expanded to his giving his life for his friends. They are no longer his servants but his friends, as they are all brothers and servants of God. He has openly shared his love with his friends, and it is the love they have for each other which sustains the spiritual friendships. Yet the world hates and rejects those who transcend its materialistic values, and the disciples must face the same persecution that the Christ faced. Those who have heard the teachings of the Christ and seen the spiritual work and still reject it have really made a mistake (sin). Through the Holy Spirit the disciples will continue the work and be witnesses to the truth, for it awakens the soul which has originated from the source of truth.

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