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83. Jesus Comforts the Disciples.

Jesus reassured the disciples that in God through the Christ all things would be well. He was to leave the physical world, but he was ascending into the higher realms of consciousness which are far greater and more beautiful than Earth. He was going to prepare the consciousness for those who would follow him. Much of this work was to clear the inner levels of the disciples' consciousness so that they could also transcend.

The soul knows the way back to God; but the mind doubts, and the emotions hesitate. In the Christ awareness Jesus declared that he is the way, truth, and life itself, for this consciousness is a direct channel into God which every soul may pass through. To recognize the Christ is to recognize the manifestation of God and its work. Through the Christ consciousness Jesus had become one with God and its representative to humanity; he was speaking the truth from God and doing the spiritual work of the upliftment of consciousness. Therefore his consciousness of the Christ was their link to God; but as Jesus opened the way and connected humans to the Holy Spirit of God, now everyone could move into the Christ consciousness and with the Holy Spirit do the work of God also.

Jesus indicated that those who ask in the Christ consciousness (in my name) will receive the blessings of God as long as they continue to fulfill the commandment of love. When Jesus would be gone physically, the Holy Spirit would be the intermediary between God and humans. The materialistic consciousness of the world does not understand the Spirit of Truth itself, but only can relate to physical facts. Yet the human soul may recognize the Spirit and provide a home for it as akin to itself.

The Christ always lives and is available in the spiritual heart. Through love we can communicate with this Christ in the oneness of God, for loving is the action of God manifest and reveals the Christ in the union of the lover and the beloved. This love is expressed actively by following the teachings of the Christ and activating the Sound Current of God (the word which comes from the Father). Guidance and teaching for every situation are given inwardly through the Holy Spirit; one indication that the guidance is accurate is that it will agree with and not contradict the teachings of the Christ that have been given outwardly by Jesus.

Jesus extended the peace of his consciousness so that people would have a quiet place inside where they can turn for inner guidance. Jesus warned them that he was going away physically, for the negative power who rules over the lower worlds was using its powers to resist anyone from transcending its domains; Jesus was willing to go through this great conflict, as it was God's will. Although he had no individual, negative karmic balance, in order to bring the consciousness of grace and forgiveness to humanity he was fulfilling the karmic law for others and forgiving them, demonstrating grace.

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