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82. Judas to Give Him Over.

Jesus, aware of the plans of the high priests and Judas, realized that the time had come for these plans to be set in motion. Therefore he declared that one of them eating there was going to turn him in. In this way each disciple had to look into his own heart and question himself. When they had gone through this process, he pointed out who it was with sorrow in his heart for the pattern the man was caught in; for Judas was acting under the negative power. When Judas responded, he advised him to do it quickly and get it over with; the other disciples in their innocence were not really aware of what was happening.

Almost with a relief of tension Jesus praised God and the mission he was fulfilling. Then he warned them that in a while he would be going away and that they would search for him. Then he declared that the greatest commandment, that of loving each other, was to be their way of life; the clearest indication of the true disciples of the Christ is that they love each other.

Blessing and sharing the bread he indicated that he was sharing his own life essence with them. Giving thanks to God he shared the wine symbolizing his blood which was to be sacrificed so that everyone may learn and understand the new covenant of the forgiveness of karma (sins). This ritual he instituted so that people would recall how he sacrificed his life for the good of all. He prophesied that he would not eat or drink again until he had transcended into the higher realms.

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